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Colin Farrell Net Worth

$30 million

  • Real name / birth name Colin James Farrell
  • Occupation actor, producer
  • Source of Wealth television, movies
  • Country of wealth Ireland
  • Date of birth May 31, 1976
  • Age 46
  • Zodiac sign Gemini
  • Birth place Castleknock, Republic of Ireland Height: 1.78 m
Sources 2018 $30 million $30 million $30 million

$30 million


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How Much is Colin Farrell Worth?

The Golden Globe holder and charismatic person Colin Farrell smiles, when he hears about his multi-million salary and international popularity. The owner of $30 million net worth, now he can buy any car or house he wants. But Colin doesn’t think that money is the most important thing in the world. “One of the most valuable things huge net worth can give you, is the understanding that money – and just money – can’t make you happy”, he says.

In any case, now Colin Farrell is one of the most high-paid actors in the world. Most part of his fortune he got from a salary for his movie roles. In addition Colin produced several films, which returned to him with a solid income. Have a look at Colin Farrell wages!

Colin Farrell Salary for Some of His Movies:

“American Outlaws” in 2001 $2 million
“Minority Report” in 2002 $2, 5 million
“The Recruit” in 2003 $5 million
“Alexander” in 2004 $10 million
“Miami Vice” in 2006 $10 million

Colin Farrell was catapulted to stardom in 2000, when he depicted Pvt. Roland Bozz in “Tigerland”.

His screen work was marked with several awards, including Boston Society of Film Critics for the best actor. From that moment Colin has become a sensation. Film directors struggled in order to invite the new-born star from Ireland to their projects. “Thus happens in Hollywood. The only one bright role – and you have plenty of offers. Filmmakers try not to miss that new train!” Colin says in his interview.

Having become a movie star, Farrell moved forward and produced criminal drama “Triage”, which got positive reviews from critics.

The Hollywood star Colin Farrell gets some part of his wealth through endorsements. He advertised the brands Adidas Ultra Boots, D&G perfume line etc.

So, Colin Farrell makes enough money nowadays. But how did he start?

Colin Farrell Bio and Career

They say, to become famous, you should be born with that something, which makes you special. No doubt, Colin was unique from his earliest years. But it doesn’t mean, that his life way was full of rose buds.

Colin was born in Castleknock, Dublin, Ireland in an ordinary family. The future star was brought up alongside 3 siblings. He was interested in sports (Farrell’s father was a faithful football player) and music.

Colin chose acting as his profession at the age of 7, when he watched Steven Spielberg’s “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” and started to cry, watching the final scene.

Farrell studied acting art at the Gaiety School of Acting. The actor got his first salary, playing small roles in the theater and participating in TV commercials. His move to Hollywood was very spontaneous. One of his friends invited the young actor to USA and arranged him a meeting with some producers. Being young and active, Colin moved to USA – for a couple of weeks – as he had thought then

Farrell rose to fame in early 2000s, but then got addicted to drugs and alcohol. The actor stayed out of work for several years, but in 2003, when his first son James was born, Farrell went for rehab and returned to the big screen.

Colin’s two sons are a special topic for conversation for him. He loves both, but in different ways. His first son James was born from Farrell’s relationships with a model Kim Bordenave. The boy was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder several days after his birth. Now Colin spends a huge part of his wealth to cure James. He is proud of his son, who tries his best to cope with his disorder.

The youngest son of the actor, Henry, was born from Colin’s romance with an actress Alicja Bachleda-Curuś. Farrell’s sons live with their mothers in LA, but they are frequent guests at their father’s house.


The house of Hollywood A lister must be perfect. Colin Farrell knew about it, when he had bought a huge mansion in LA. He bought it in 2011 and paid $1, 2 million for it.

The house is secluded in a picturesque area. It looks like a huge summer cottage – roomy, cool and lonely – the real dream of an old bachelor. The back part of the house is comfortable too. There’s a big yard and swimming pool to relax after a long day.

The strong man Colin Farrell likes massive powerful vehicles. One of the favorite items in his car park is black Ford Bronco. The family sedan is the ideal choice for a father of 2. The Lobster star has also $82, 000 Cadillac in his home car collection.


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