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Connie Stevens


Connie Stevens

Connie Stevens Net Worth is $50 Million

How rich is Connie Stevens?

Nickname: Concetta Rosalie Ann Ingoglia

Date of birth: the 8th of August, 1938

Profession: actress, screenwriter, filmmaker, singer

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, movies, music

How Much is Connie Stevens Worth?

How much is Connie Stevens worth?

Probably, young readers don’t remember the series “Hawaiian Eye”, which was quite popular in 1959-1963. The show was produced by ABC and was on air during long 4 seasons, which is a real record for that time.

The series told about the work of detective agency “Hawaiian Eye”, which was hired as the security service of a rich Hawaiian Village Hotel. The show got high ratings on TV and the actors, who played the leading characters, were immediately ranked as new-born TV stars. Connie Stevens, who portrayed the photographer Cricket Blake, was one of them.

Connie Stevens in Hawaiian Eye

Currently Connie Stevens net worth is estimated at $50 million. She made this wealth mostly through her works of an actress, singer and filmmaker.

Her salary for “Hawaiian Eye” series was $300 per week, which seems a nuisance nowadays, but then was a great amount.

Her earnings for another screen work, “Young and Dangerous”, was estimated at $600.

Connie Stevens gained incredible popularity in 60s of the former century. Nowadays her career is in its slow phase. Nevertheless she still appears in new movies and TV shows from time to time. Among her latest screen works there are the roles in “Just Before I Go” and “Search Engines”.

Alongside acting, Connie Stevens developed career of a singer too. In 1958 she presented her first album “Concetta”, which enjoyed some success. Connie Stevens gained international fame due to her singles “Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb”, “Too Young to Go Steady”, “Mr. Songwriter” etc.

Connie Stevens debut album

Having saved enough money from acting and singing, Connie Stevens found another sources of wealth. She launched her own company Connie Stevens Garden Sanctuary Day Spa, thus having become a successful business lady. In addition she produced “Saving Grace B. Jones”, which later has become a hit.

Both, her acting and music careers, brought Connie Stevens her wealth. But how did that all start?

Connie Stevens Way On Top

Connie Stevens young

The famous American actress and singer Concetta Ingoglia was born in New York in a musical creative family. Her parents, Peter Ingoglia and Eleanor McGinley, earned their living as singers. Her father performed on the stage under the name “Teddy Stevens”. Later Concetta took his stage moniker for herself and turned into Connie Stevens.

Small Connie moved to her grandparents’ house after her parents’ divorce. The girl began to sing and to act in her school years. She became the part of the musical band “The Fourmost”.

When the girl turned 15, she moved to her father’s home in LA with the intention to become a popular singer.

Connie Stevens singing

Connie performed in the band “The Three Debs”, but soon was fired. The girl was really talented, but too young, and band producers got rid of her because she had no experience.

Connie felt frustrated, but she wasn’t going to give up. She continued to perform solo and even enlarged her borders and tried her hand as an actress. Stevens played a number of small roles on TV, when she was noticed by Warner Brothers representatives. The girl got a role in “Hawaiian Eye”, which made her a star.

Connie Stevens net worth

Later Connie Stevens proved her star status, having played in the projects “Wendy and Me”, “Wild Card”, “Fat Actress” etc.

Connie Stevens House

The stellar actress lived in a stunning house in Westside, which she sold for $17 million several years ago.

Nowadays Connie enjoys her life at Studio City residence, which she bought for $2 million approximately.

Connie Stevens house

The estate is located at 5, 300 sq.ft. The rancho-style house is built of white brick. It can boast with huge rectangular windows and big doors, made mostly of glass.

The house inside looks as great as outside. It consists of 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a living-room, a kitchen and cozy bar area.

The windows of Connie’s bedroom overlook a huge swimming pool and fountain. Great residence, isn’t it?

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