Danny McBride biography

Danny McBride Net Worth

$28 million

  • Real name / birth name Daniel Richard McBride
  • Occupation actor, screenwriter, producer, film director
  • Source of Wealth television, movies, endorsements
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth December 29, 1976
  • Age 45
  • Zodiac sign Capricorn
  • Birth place Statesboro, Georgia, United States
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$28 million


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How Much is Danny McBride Worth?

Danny McBride’s net worth is $25 million. Probably, he can be called a really successful person, although his savings are not the biggest in Hollywood. But a famous actor, film director and screenwriter McBride doesn’t earn his living. He just does what he wants and gets great salary for it.

Most part of Danny’s wealth comes from his work of an actor and screenwriter. His earnings doubled in 2009, when he played the title role in hit series “Eastbound & Down”. In addition Danny co-wrote the script to the series.

He created one of the most interesting comedian heroes of the decade. McBride’s Kenny Powers, ex-baseball star, who had to work as a Physical Education teacher after his retirement, was accepted well with public. Soon his salary increased, and Danny made $100, 000 for each episode.

Kenny Powers has become so popular, that he was offered an endorsement deal. McBride (dressed as his hero) advertised shoe brand K-Swiss and of course, added a couple of extra millions to his bank account.

The hero, designed by Danny McBride, was offered a baseball deal too. The famous baseball team Pensacola Pelicans and its owner, Quint Studer, invited Kenny Powers to play for the team, but Danny declined the offer.

Currently McBride is busy with many projects. Most of them are comedies, but some of them are more serious and complicated. So, Danny McBride’s acting profile is becoming wider, that’s why his earnings are supposed to increase.

Danny McBride Bio and Career

Danny McBride doesn’t make money he just enjoys his hobby – movie making. He was brought up in a family of two MCB Quantico workers. They lived in a small town, where most of teenagers were interested in football and drugs. Unlike the others, Danny liked drama. After graduation from school he entered the University of North Carolina, but soon dropped his studying. Instead of it McBride and his friend and associate Jody Hill moved to LA and launched career in movie industry.

Danny gained initial recognition as a comedy actor and film director after the release of the movie “The Foot Fist Way”. The young talented actor caught attention of another popular comedian Will Ferrell, who supervised Danny at the beginning of his career.

Danny McBride’s most popular screen works are “Up in the Air”, “The Sound and the Fury”, “Vice Principals” etc. By the way, Danny’s voice is well-known to children all over the world. He voiced the heroes in the most famous animation films, like “Despicable Me”, “Kung Fu Panda 2”, “Sausage Party”.

So, Danny McBride is a lucky person, whose hobby – making films – is really high-paid. He has already saved enough and has an opportunity to spend some money for the things he likes.


Every person dreams about a big and comfortable house. Danny McBride has already fulfilled this dream – he owns a great home in Los Angeles. The property is rumored to cost $2, 3 million.

When McBride gets tired from moneymaking, he spends the time in his residence. The house is situated in the centre of a cozy yard, surrounded by tall trees and green bushes. Not far from the main building there’s a guest house and an outdoor pool.

Inside the house there’s a living-room with a massive fireplace, a dining-room and a kitchen. No need to say, that the popular film maker has a screening room, where he watches his newest movies.

In the back part of the house a big wardrobe is situated. Although McBride is not the lover of luxurious clothes (he tells, that looking for an appropriate suit to put on for a red-carpet event scares him most of all), the walk-in closets in his house are big. Probably, they are supposed for McBride’s wife, an actress Gia Ruiz.

In the private part of the yard, which is closed from the strangers’ eyes, there’s a comfortable table and several chairs. It’s the ideal place for a Sunday family dinner, isn’t it?

So, Danny McBride’s house in LA is the perfect place to have a rest!


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