David Copperfield

David Copperfield Net Worth is $900 Million



$900 million


$900 million



David Copperfield net worth

Nicknames: David Seth Kotkin, a Living Legend

Date of birth: the 16th of September, 1956

Profession: magician, actor

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: magic performance

His wealth seems magically huge and sometimes you start thinking that it is also a big deceptive illusion. But in fact born David Seth Kotkin really owns those $900 million and even now, when his career is lasting during long 4 decades, he continues making money.

David Copperfield is known as the most successful magician in the world. Now he performs in Las Vegas and each his show is a real event for his fans. During the years of his activity David earned not just money, but lots of accolades too. He got 21 Emmy Awards, set 11 Guinness World Records, was knighted by French Government and received a star at Hollywood Walk of Fame. U.S. Library of Congress nicknamed him as Living Legend and his tricks till now remain the biggest mystery of humanity.

Tickets for his shows are sold like hot pies. He has already sold 33 million tickets. His shows gathered worldwide about $4 billion of profit. His most popular illusion is the disappearance of the Statue of Liberty.

If earlier David’s main source of wealth had been his magician’s performance and TV appearances, now he also gets a solid income as a business person. He runs 11 resort islands at Bahamas.

David fell in love with magic in his early years. Then his grandfather showed the boy a simple card trick and that was enough for David to fall in love with this occupation. He made a decision to become a magician and studied magic at New York University. He earned his first salary at the age of 12, when performed on the stage as Davino the Boy Magician. After that he spent many years, performing solo at the most famous stages in the world. Since 1978 he holds a TV program “The Magic of David Copperfield”.

David Copperfield is currently engaged to Chloe Gosselin, a shoe designer. They have a daughter Sky. 

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