David Duchovny

David Duchovny Net Worth is $60 Million



$60 million


$60 million


$60 million


David Duchovny net worth

Nicknames: David William Duchovny, Dave

Date of birth: the 7th of August, 1960

Profession: actor, producer, screenwriter

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, movies

David Duchovny’s talent and his good look helped him to make a wonderful career and to save $60 million net worth.

David Duchovny was named by Justrichest as one of the highest-paid TV actors in the world. He earned $200, 000 per an episode in drama series “Californication” (estimated by Therichest). For portraying Fox Mulder in cult series “The X-File” in 2016 (the series were revived after its closing in 2002) he earned $10 million (according to Justrichest).

David William Duchovny was born in a family of a writer (father) and school administrator (mother). His parents divorced, when David was in his teens and as he used to tell later, that divorce was one of his worst teen memories.

David entered Princeton University, where studied literature. His family was not big and to earn his living, David tried a number of various jobs, including a lifeguard and a delivery person. One of such odd jobs was an advertisement of beer in 1987. At first for charismatic David it was just a chance to earn some extra dollars. But gradually he was charmed by television and he changed his career plans.

David Duchovny gained initial popularity as Agent Dennis from “Twin Peaks”. He pulled himself to stardom in 1993, when he was cast to the series “The X Files”. David retired from the project in 2001 after a conflict with producers. His second popular TV project was the series “Californication”.

In 2015 David Duchovny earned a couple of millions as a writer and a singer – he released a musical album and a book. 

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