David Justice biography

David Justice Net Worth

$40 million

  • Real name / birth name David Christopher Justice
  • Occupation professional baseball outfielder and designate
  • Source of Wealth baseball
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth April 14, 1966
  • Age 56
  • Zodiac sign Aries
  • Birth place Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
  • Education Thomas More College | Covington Latin School
Sources 2018
https://www.therichest.com/celebnetworth/athletes/baseball/david-justice-net-worth/ therichest.com $40 million

$40 million


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How Much is David Justice Worth?

The ex-baseball star and sports commentator David Justice owns $40 million net worth. He augmented his wealth, getting salary and prize money as a baseball hitter.

David Justice rose to prominence in late 1980s.  Then the young baseball player got a chance to play in a high stakes.

Justice was signed by Atlanta Braves instead of everyone’s favorite Dale Murphy, who left the team. Atlanta Braves, Atlanta based team with a long history of wins and losses, has become that very springboard, which catapulted David Justice to stardom.

In 1990 David Justice established himself as the team trophy.  He finished the season with 28 homeruns – the great result for a debutant. And later he played even better. Of course, that influenced David Justice earnings. He has already become a millionaire to his 25-26 years old.

The talented player, Justice led Atlanta Braves to a number of significant victories, including the match against Cleveland Indians. Then, due to David Justice play Braves defeated Indians at 1995 World Series. During the match, held on October 28, David Justice criticized the team fans for the lack of support. And it was David, who scored that only 1 point, which led the team to the victory.

David Justice performance and criticism made him noticeable. The managers of other teams started to chase him. Thus, he was traded by Cleveland Indians.

In general David Justice career had been lasting since 1991 till 2002. He performed for several teams, including not just two mentioned above, but also New York Yankees and Oakland Athletics.

As the baseball star, David Justice was paid incredibly high. He retired in 2002. Although David Justice had saved a solid net worth during the years of his career, he continued working after the retirement from baseball. Justice used to work as a baseball commentator at ESPN. He also hosted sports show at YES Network.

David Justice Bio and Career

David Justice was born in Cincinnati, OH. He studied at St. Clement Catholic School. Later the boy transferred to Covington Latin School. During his years at school Justice played baseball and helped the school team to win numerous matches. Thus, he got sports scholarship and used it to enter Thomas More College. There the boy specialized in criminal justice. He was the best baseball player in the college team. The young talented athlete caught an eye of Atlanta Braves agent and he offered David the deal.

David Justice was recognized not just as a sports star, but also as husband of the actress Halle Berry. They had been married in 1992-1997.

Currently David is married to a businesswoman Rebecca Villalobos. They have 2 kids.


One of the perks, which a huge net worth gives to its owner, is the possibility to buy a luxurious mansion. No wonder, that David Justice used this perk and purchased a stunning home in Poway, CA for himself and his family members.

David and Rebecca Justice mansion is entered through wrought black gates. The yard, which opens in front of the eyes of the guest, who has just entered the gates, looks manicured and elaborated.

David and his wife designed their house in Italian style. They named their home “Villa Justicia”.

The house, where David resides with his wife and kids, consists of 6 bedrooms, bathrooms, a living-room, a dining area and a kitchen.

By the way, the house was decorated and furnished by Rebecca Justice, who was previously a model and for her husband and kids turned into an interior designer – she decorated the great residence for them.

On the territory of the house there’s a garage, where David Justice keeps his cars.

In his garage former MLB star David Justice has an extended collection of vehicles. Mercedes-Benz G55 is one of his favorites. Very often David is seen behind the wheel of his purely-white vehicle.


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