David Schwimmer

David Schwimmer Net Worth is $85 Million



$80 million


$85 million



David Schwimmer net worth

Nickname: David Lawrence Schwimmer

Date of birth: the 2nd of November, 1966

Profession: actor, film director

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television

David Schwimmer is a charismatic expressive actor, who is mostly known as Ross from “Friends”. David appeared in a number of other movies and TV series like “Big Nothing”, “Six Days Seven Nights”, “Band of Brothers” etc. Schwimmer tried his hand as a film director too. He directed some of “Friends” episodes. In 2010 he produced the movie “Trust”. Besides David several dozen times appeared in various theater productions. Thus he managed to save $85 million net worth.

David Schwimmer was born in a family of two lawyers. He was very shy during his high school years and had some weight problems. David used to tell later that he felt awkward because of his overweight.

Nevertheless the talented teenager soon had become a school star. He participated in numerous school productions and his talent of an actor was obvious. Being a senior form pupil Schwimmer decided to devote his life to acting. He entered Northwestern University, where studied theater speech and acting. Soon he got his diploma and managed to start his career.

Schwimmer created Lookingglass Theatre Company and started to make his first money as theater and screen actor. But he got just small roles and his earnings were incredibly small.

David Schwimmer met his big break after his participation in hit series “Friends”. Till now Ross Geller is considered as the brightest hero in David’s film list. The most part of Schwimmer’s net worth comes from that time, when he participated in the show.

Now David Schwimmer’s career is in its slow phase. But he still participates in new projects and sometimes adds a couple of extra millions to his bank account. 

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