David Villa biography

David Villa Net Worth

$50 million

  • Real name / birth name David Villa Sánchez
  • Occupation football player
  • Source of Wealth football
  • Country of wealth Spain
  • Date of birth December 3, 1981
  • Age 41
  • Zodiac sign Sagittarius
  • Birth place Langreo, Spain
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$50 million


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How Much is David Villa Worth?

In his interview to CNN David Villa told, that he had been a soccer fan in his young years. But as a kid he couldn’t imagine all those wonderful things, which had happened in his career.

Currently David Villa net worth is estimated at $50 million. But don’t envy him, as he put lots of efforts to make his dreams real.

The main source of David Villa wealth is his career of a soccer player. Currently he plays for NY City Football Club as a striker. He is also a member of Spanish national team. David Villa annual salary is estimated at $7 million. But it was not an easy thing for David to become one of the highest-paid football players in the world. “I fought for this place”, Villa told once.

The soccer player’s high annual income is proved by his accolades. He seems to gather all possible titles all over the world – Spanish Player of the Year, a World Cup winner, Champions League winner etc.

The most famous football clubs in the world struggled for the honor to hook him. Thus he was transferred to Valencia FC for 12 million Euros in 2005 and he moved to FC Barcelona for 40 million Euros five years later.

Alongside a salary of a renowned football player, David Villa has an additional powerful source of wealth. He is sponsored by popular sport-related company Adidas. The athlete participated in a number of high-paid endorsements, such as Etihad Airways, Heineken beer etc.

So, nowadays David Villa is a financially protected person. But how did he start his career?

David Villa Bio and Career

The success story of David Villa starts in a small Spanish village, named Tuilla. His family was quite poor, although his father tried his best to provide his son for everything necessary. He worked as a minor.

David met his first obstacle on his career way at the age of 4. Then he got a serious trauma – he broke his hipbone. That injure could make the boy disable. Villa’s father, José Manuel, did everything he could to exercise his son after his trauma. Thus David Villa started to practice football.

When Villa turned 17, he was already sure he wanted to become a soccer player. But you are wrong, if you think that numerous football clubs stood in a queue in order to hook a rising star. On the contrary, he got a reputation of a weak, not hardy player. “Real Oviedo” refused to take him.

Thus David Villa appeared in Sporting Gijón. In early 2000s Villa finally demonstrated his talent. He scored 25 during 2 seasons. Soon he was noticed by scouts of other prestigious teams. After a while David Villa was transferred to Real Zaragoza. After several successful seasons there he moved to Valencia. Having spent 5 years there, David made the hardest decision in his life. He left FC Valencia and moved to FC Barcelona.

In 2014 Villa got an “irresistible offer”. He got a chance to play in MFL for New York City club. Probably, that is the highest point of his career.


It is so exciting to get multi-million net worth. But to make such a long way from a village in Spain to the famous US city New York, Villa had to struggle. That’s why now he deserves to spend some part of his wealth for expensive beautiful things he likes. David, who is a big lover of classy cars, spent astonishing $45, 000 for Porsche 911 Turbo.

For years 911 Turbo was considered as the ideal choice for moneybags, and it remains a legend till now. The vehicle can boast with monstrous 540 hp. The car reaches 60 mph within several seconds after its appearance on the road. That’s the best vehicle for Spanish striker David Villa, who can be seen at the wheel of his super car quite often, if he is free from work.


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