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Dean Cain

Dean Cain Net Worth is $6 Million

How rich is Dean Cain?

Nickname: Dean George Tanaka

Date of birth: the 31st of July, 1966

Profession: actor, producer, author

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: movies, television

How Much is Dean Cain Worth?

Dean Cain is a fortunate man. He racked up whopping amount of fans, having acted as Superman (Clark) in “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”. The series were on air in 1993-1997, and then it was a real hit for teen boys and girls. Probably, now the special effects of middle 1990s seem too simple and understandable, nevertheless the series remain some sort of immortal screen classics. Then Clark, his friend Lois (portrayed by dazzlingly beautiful Terri Hatcher) and Perry, an award-winning editor, portrayed by Lane Smith, have become role models for young people all over the world.

Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain in Lois & Clark

Of course, the series was full of adventures, but the main topic of it was not even struggle for justice, it was friendship, love and support – the great feelings, which appear in the heart of each person, even if he (she) is not a Superman.

Of course, the series has become a massive hit, in spite of its simplicity and low budget. But charismatic actors – Terry Hatcher, Lane Smith, Dean Cain, Eddie Jones and others – got into their characters so naturally, that it gathered millions of viewers in front of the screen.

“Lois & Clark” has become Dean Cain first step to stardom. He earned $75, 000 per each episode – and then it seemed an enormous amount for him.

Of course, later he acted in more expensive and more serious projects and his salary increased from year to year.

Dean Cain net worth

Now viewers know and love Dean Cain for his play in “Entourage”, “Las Vegas”, “Supergirl” etc. His movies and TV series, filled with the actors charm, easily become hits. It brings the actor more and more cash. As for now, his net worth is estimated at $6 million.

Most part of this amount Dean earned through acting. But he started his career as a screenwriter. He wrote two episodes of “Lois & Clark”, and it turned him back with cash.

Dean Cain has already climbed the tall three of success. But how did he start his career?

Dean Cain Bio

Dean Cain young

Dean George Tanaka was born in 1966 in the family of an actress Sharon Thomas and a soldier Roger Tanaka. Dean inherited his masculine charm from his father, but the boy had no chance to learn from him, because Roger left the family before his son’s birth.

Sharon soon re-married, and thus Dean met a man, who played the key role in his life. Christopher Cain, the screenwriter and film director, adopted the boy and started to care about him with great enthusiasm.

Dean spent his early years like any other smart active boy. He attended the high school, visited volleyball and football classes and dreamed to become a professional athlete. During his years in Princeton University, Dean played for the football team. But he got a knee injury and that put his ambitions of an athlete to an end.

In 1988 Dean Cain graduated from the University with Bachelor Degree. He started to work on television as a writer, but later tried his hand as an actor. One of his first roles was Rick in “Beverly Hills, 90210”. He played Shannen Doherty love interest in the series.

Dean Cain and Shannen Doherty in Beverly Hills, 90210

Cain was catapulted to stardom after his brilliant work in “Lois & Clark”. He enjoys his fame and wealth till now, spending perfect time in his Malibu mansion.

Dean Cain House

Dean Cain house in Malibu

Dean Cain lives in a comfortable mansion with his son Christopher Dean Cain, whom he had from his relationships with a former girlfriend Samantha Torres.

Dean and Christopher, who is now 17, live in Malibu, CA. There they have 3, 302 sq.ft house. The home consists of three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a living-room and a kitchen.

Dean Cain bought the mansion in 2004 for $2, 6 million. The actor also owns a cozy home in Basalt, which he had put on sale for $5, 4 million.

Dean Cain house in Basalt

Dean Cain Car

The Superman actor is often seen under the wheel of Toyota Prius. The fast and elegant vehicle of noble silver color cost him $30, 000.

Dean Cain car (the actor with Hollywood Blvd. Superman)

The actor was caught by paparazzi, driving his silver Prius at weekend, when his son and he went shopping. 

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