Debbie Allen biography
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Debbie Allen Net Worth

$3 million

  • Real name / birth name Deborrah Kaye Allen
  • Occupation actress, choreographer, dancer
  • Source of Wealth television, films, dancing academy
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth January 16, 1950
  • Age 72
  • Zodiac sign Capricorn
  • Birth place Houston, Texas, United States
  • Education Pershing Middle School | Yates High School | University of North Carolina School | Howard University
Sources 2016 2018 $3 million $3 million $3 million $3 million

$3 million


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How Much is Debbie Allen Worth?

Debbie Allen is celebrated as an actress, choreographer and businesswoman, who owns $3 million net worth.

She has become popular as Lydia from the movie “Fame”. Many people compare this film with famous “Step Up”. “Fame” tells about young entertainers, who have just started their way to fame. The movie joins several life stories of young dancers, actors and singers. “Fame” got positive reviews from critics and even won an Oscar for the best song. After that Debbie’s face has become recognizable, and she could expect much higher salary after that.

Debbie Allen Worth

photo instagram / therealdebbieallen

Some part of Debbie Allen net worth comes from her work of an actress. Her salary per regular role in the series “A Different World” was astonishing $1 million. After that she starred both, on the big screen and on TV. She acted in a romantic drama “The Painting” alongside gorgeous Stacey Dash and Charles Shaughnessy, in the series “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Everybody Hates Chris”.

But Debbie Allen is not just an actress. She is a talented dancer and choreographer. Debbie runs Dance Academy, which helps young dancers develop their skills. By the way, Michael Jackson attended Debbie’s academy. Two talented dancers were friends.

In addition, Debbie Allen choreographs Oscar Awards ceremony. For this job she gets a fat paycheck too!

Thus, Mrs. Allen saved multi-million net worth. But how did that all start?

Debbie Allen Bio and Career

Deborrah Kaye Allen was born in Houston, TX in the family of Andrew Allen, a dentist, and Vivian Ayers, a writer. Her parents separated, when Debbie was 7 years old. After that she was brought up by a mother exclusively. She grew up alongside a sister Phylicia Rashad (a famous actress) and a brother Tax.

Debbie Allen Bio and Career

photo instagram / therealdebbieallen

Allen began attending dancing classes at the age of 3. Two years later the girl decided to become a ballerina. Of course, nobody took her words seriously. But Debbie didn’t listen to anyone and spent several hours per day, improving her dancing movements.

Suddenly Debbie’s mother decided to move her kids to Mexico. That was a spontaneous decision. Then Debbie was just 10 years old. It was a hard time for the family, because Debbie’s mother didn’t know Spanish and had no friends in that country. But she was ready to take a risk to develop. She was looking for something new. “I respect my mother for this”, Debbie Told later.

But soon Allens came back to USA, and Debbie tried for a ballet school, but she was refused because of the color of her skin. Unfortunately, the talented dancer and actress had to deal with racism several times in her life.

Allen entered Howard University, where she studied fine arts. After that she debuted on Broadway. Finally, she was cast as Lydia to “Fame”, which had become her big break.

Debbie Allen always knew, that family life is more important than career and moneymaking. She wedded Wim Wilford in 1975, but their marriage didn’t last for long. In 1984 Debbie wedded Norman Nixon, the ex-NBA player. They are still happy together. The couple has a son and a daughter.


The famous actress Debbie Allen resides with her husband in a comfortable beautiful house. Their house is located in Santa Monica in the suburb of LA. The picturesque town boasts with a mild climate, that’s why it’s a popular resort place.

Debbie and Nixon have a big home. It has 6, 500 sq. ft. of living space. The building consists of 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, which are situated on two storeys.

The first storey of Debbie Allen house is joined to a comfortable terrace. Cozy tables and armchairs stand there. The terrace leads directly to a swimming pool. There the dancer Debbie Allen takes a swim and gets rid of the tension.

Debbie Allen has built great life for herself and now she enjoys the result!


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