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Dennis Collins


Dennis Collins

Dennis Collins Net Worth is $30 Million

How rich is Dennis Collins?

Nicknames: Dennis; Gas Monkey

Date of birth: the 28th of January, 1965

Profession: car dealer; businessman

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, car dealing business

How Much is Dennis Collins Worth?

Dennis Collins net worth is close to $30 million. Probably, this amount can’t be compared to wealth, owned by the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, such as Steve Chen or Reed Hastings, nevertheless Collins put lots of efforts to earn it, so he is worth our attention.

How much is Dennis Collins worth?

Dennis is one of those lucky people, who make money through doing, what they like. A vivid car enthusiast, he has always been interested in vintage cars.

In 1984 Collins founded companies “Collins Brothers Jeep” and “Black Mountain Jeep Products” in his home city Wylie, TX. That company served as the main source of his wealth. Dennis accumulated millions of dollars through buying and restoring Jeeps and Wranglers. Although these vehicles were the main specialization of Collins Brothers Jeep, soon Dennis began to buy and then sell the other car marks too. Thus he managed to sell Law Man Mustang for $2 million. This model initially cost him less than $100, 000.

Of course, Dennis Collins has an associate, who helps him develop his business. Collins met Richard Rawlings in 1996 at the meeting, arranged by Harley Davidson. Their friendship soon turned into a partnership. Dennis and Richard collaborate in restoring of Jeeps, they participate in road runs too.

Dennis Collins and Richard Rawlings

So, Dennis Collins saved his multi-million net worth through his business activity. But he has the other source of wealth too – television. The person, who has deep knowledge on various models of vehicles, could not help but become a participant of various car shows. He appeared in the series, directed by Aaron Krummel and Aaron Kaufman. “Fast n' Loud” is a reality show, produced by Discovery Channel, which tells about guys, who buy very old rare car models and restore them in their Gas Monkey Garage. Thus Dennis Collins has become a regular on the show, having become both popular and rich.

Dennis Collins’s Way On Top

It is always catching to tell about some popular person and his business. But it is even more interesting to study the roots of his success.

Dennis Collins was born in Wylie, TX. He was interested in rare models of cars since his earliest years. When the boy grew up, he found the way to monetize his hobby. He founded the company Collins Brothers Jeep.

From that moment Dennis Collins has become an automotive icon. He restores old models of cars and sell them through auctions. The talented car dealer is considered as the auction champion. He has already sold more than 200 models of cars.

Dennis Collins with his wife

Collins owns a number of trophies (including his young beautiful wife). He has a vast collection of cars and automotive jewelry. The record car seller owns a luxurious house too.

Dennis Collins House

Dennis Collins house

Like any other celebrity, Dennis Collins prefers to keep his personal cave – his residence – in secret. But he showed his home to the wide circle of viewers, when decided to sell it. Collins wants to get almost $2 million for his property.

The house consists of 2 wings. One of them was created especially for Dennis Collins guests. There are separate bedrooms for guest, a guest living-room and a guest kitchen.  In the centre of the estate there’s a huge swimming pool.

Dennis Collins house

No need to say, that a big car enthusiast Dennis Collins has a roomy conditioned garage on the territory of the house.

Dennis Collins Car Collection

Dennis Collins car collection

Dennis Collins has set a record at Barrett-Jackson auction in 2017. He sold 6 Mustangs from his private collection for a record price. The most expensive vehicle from his collection was sold for $82, 500, thus having set a world record.

During his years in business Dennis hold more than 200 car models. He restored and sold them from time to time. As Collins said in his interview, it had taken him many years to hunt all those vehicles. He keeps his cars in a private huge garage, which is modified with lots of cameras. Some of Dennis cars are really precious. His favorite one is Lamborghini Super Trofeo, which he bought in 2013 and restored.

Dennis Collins Lawman Mustang

Have a look at Lawman Mustang from Dennis Collins collection. He bought this vehicle, which toured around Vietnam during the war. Collins sold it for $116, 000 to a car collector 10 years ago. Currently its price is close to $2 million. 

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