DJ Quik

DJ Quik Net Worth is $3 Million

How rich is DJ Quik?

Nickname: David Marvin Blake

Date of birth: the 18th of January, 1970

Profession: DJ, rapper, producer

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: music

How Much is DJ Quik Worth?

DJ Quik is celebrated as a rapper, DJ and producer. He has been in music industry since his teens. During that period Quik gained a huge fan base. Even now he is considered as one of the most following rappers in social media. The musician’s fans were ready to pay for Quik’s albums and get tickets to his shows. It made him a music star and an affluent person.

Nowadays Quik’s net worth is estimated at $3 million. He made this wealth through selling of his 9 studio albums and 20 singles. Rapper’s earnings reached the peak in 1991, when he released his debut album “Quik Is the Name”. To record the album, Quik spent his own money. In addition he got financial support from musical producers Tracy Kendrick and Courtney Branch.

DJ Quik performing

Quik recorded his first disk at Westlake Recording Studios, situated in Los Angeles. In general he and two producers spent $30, 000 to create “Quik Is the Name”.

The album enjoyed massive public success, thus Quik and co-producers got the invested money back and even made a solid profit. More than 1 million copies were sold in USA only. The disk was sold rapidly abroad too. The most popular singles, which were included to the album, were “Born and Raised In Compton” and “Tonite”.

Having become a celebrity, DJ Quik developed his success and presented new albums and singles from time to time. Among his latest achievements there is the album “The Midnight Life”, presented in 2014. It enjoyed the modest success.

DJ Quik Career, House and Car

DJ Quik young

Born David Marvin Blake spent his childhood in Compton, California. He fell in love with music at the age of 2, when the boy listened to music tapes of various genres, which were in his mother’s home collection.

At the age of 12 David got a cheap turntable as a present. He began to create mixtapes and DJed them at nightclubs in Southern California. For a short period Quik performed in a band “Westside Tree Top Piru Bloods”. At the age of 21 he presented his first album, which gained platinum status.

DJ Quik car

It is not known much about DJ Quik house. He resides in Compton, not far from the place, where he was born. The stellar DJ drives black Porsche Panamera.

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