Dolph Lundgren biography
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Dolph Lundgren Net Worth

$18 million

  • Real name / birth name Dolph Lundgren
  • Occupation actor, director, screenwriter, producer, and martial artist
  • Source of Wealth television, movies
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth November 3, 1957
  • Age 64
  • Zodiac sign Scorpio
  • Birth place Spånga, Sweden
  • Education University of Sydney (M.Sc) Royal Institute of Technology (B.Sc)
Sources 2017 2018 $15 million $15 million $18 million $15 million $18 million $15 million

$18 million


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How Much is Dolph Lundgren Worth?

Mostly known as Frank Castlein in “The Punisher” and Ivan Drago in Rocky films, Dolph Lundgren earned $15 million net worth during the years of his lucrative career.

The well-known action star is very often criticized for the lack of dramatic roles and for creating same-type characters on the screen. But in spite of all evil words, Dolph Lundgren movies hit the box office. His “Universal Soldier” gathered $132 million all over the world and $36 million in USA with a budget about $57 million only. The other popular Dolph Lundgren movie “The Expendables”, directed by Sylvester Stallone, gathered about $400 million in USA and worldwide with the budget $80 million.

Dolph Lundgren net worth

photo instagram / dolphlundgren

The actor, who has starred in more than 150 movies during the years of his career, gets a fat paycheck and a slice of the box office smash. Thus, in average Dolph Lundgren earns from $1 million to $2, 5 million for each movie role.

In addition to his earnings of an actor, Dolph Lundgren makes cash through endorsements. He lent his hot body and masculine face to advertise the brands “Norton”, “Orange TV” and many others. And got a solid payment for it!

As for now, Dolph Lundgren net worth is estimated at $15 million. Let’s have a look, how he did it!

Dolph Lundgren Bio and Career

Born Hans Lundgren spent his early years in Stockholm, Sweden. His parents belonged to the middle class of the society – his father was an economist and engineer and his mother was a language teacher. Except for Hans, his parents had three other children.

Hans Lundgren doesn’t like to tell about his early years. He grew up with an abusive father, who could easily hurt – both, emotionally and physically – his children and wife.

The necessity to confront his father inspired Dolph Lundgren to start practice martial arts. But in spite of all their confrontation, Lundgren tells, that he has always loved his father.

Gradually Hans was involved into building his body and developing his fighting skills. In 1978 he won black belt in Kyokushin.

Dolph Lundgren bio

photo instagram / dolphlundgren

Although Hans Lundgren worked out twice per day, he found enough time for studying. After school the future action star studied at Royal Institute of Technology. Later he transferred to a number of other universities, but then left his studying to pursue acting.

In fact, Lundgren managed to broke into movie industry through a famous model and actress Grace Jones. She met a handsome tall (Lundgren is 6 ft 5 of height) young man in one of Stockholm night clubs and hired him as her bodyguard. He was 11 years her younger.

Later they started to live together. It was Grace, who helped Hans get his first movie role. She convinced John Glen, film director of “A View to a Kill”, to give Lundgren a small role. Then the young man decided to change his name from Hans to Dolph (his grandfather’s name), because it sounded more pleasant for American audience.

Dolph Lundgren Bio and Career

photo instagram / dolphlundgren

Dolph Lundgren met his big break that very year, when he portrayed an insidious Russian boxer Ivan Drago in “Rocky IV”. To get that role, Dolph sent his pictures and videos to Sylvester Stallone, and he chose Lundgren among 5, 000 other applicants.

After that Dolph Lundgren featured in many other projects. As for his personal life, he was married officially twice – to Peri Momm (1990-1991) and to Anette Qviberg (1994-2011). He has two daughters with Qviberg. Currently the actor is dating Jenny Sandersson, a karate champion. He resides in Los Angeles, CA. He previously lived in Spain.


Dolph Lundgren owns a house in Marbella, Spain. He resided there with his wife and daughters in early 2000s. The multi-layer home looks marvelous. The villa, made of purely white stone, is situated among tall palms and exotic bushes. By the way, Dolphe used to work out just in his garden. He also likes to play drums. The actor has a music room in his house, where he practices drum play.

After his divorce to Anette, Lundgren came back to LA.

 Dolph Lundgren car

photo instagram / dolphlundgren | new Aston Martin DB 11 is simply 600 HP of class. Tighter ride than a Ferrari and easier to drive

The actor Dolph Lundgren owns a number of luxurious vehicles. His favorite “toy” is blue Ferrari, which he bought from Saudi prince. By the way, Lundgren is the member of Ferrari club.


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