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Don Imus

Don Imus Net Worth is $45 Million

How rich is Don Imus?

Nickname: John Donald Imus Jr.

Date of birth: the 23rd of July, 1940

Profession: radio host, comedian

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: radio show

How Much is Don Imus Worth?

Don Imus owns a personal net worth of $45 million. That amount seems whopping for most of people all over the globe, but it turns to be not so big in comparison with all the projects Don Imus developed during 5 decades on the air.

The renowned American host, comedian, writer and philanthropist, Don Imus retired from the radio in March, 2018 and closed his famous show “Imus in the Morning”. He planned to say farewell in December, but his syndicator Cumulus had gone bust, so the radio retired left several months earlier.

Don Imus source of wealth was his work of a radio DJ

Nevertheless, his “Imus in the Morning” remains the real phenomenon, which had become unbelievably popular, as well as other projects, which Don Imus was developing.

Don Imus earned his first salary as a brakeman, but he had always felt the strong thirst towards entertaining people. Once he took part in a talent contest, held at a well-known night club, and won it.

After that Don Imus changed the source of his income – he started to work as a singer and stand-up comedian in that very night club.

Then, in late 1960s, radio shows were extremely popular, and Don Imus was interested to get the job on the radio. In 1968 he was hired as a radio DJ in Ohio.

Don Imus joined DJing with recording of his albums. His first album, “1200 Hamburgers to Go”, was released in early 1970s, and was presented in the form of the prank calls.

Don Imus rose to fame as a comedian

Selling of his albums served as a powerful and reliable source of wealth for the radio host. Thus, Don Imus was becoming richer. But he didn’t stop and developed other projects.

In 1973 he started the show which made him popular. “Imus in the Morning … In The Evening” has become a sensation. Don Imus irony and great sense of humor helped him gain lots of fans in USA and abroad. At the same time, his evil jokes sometimes annoyed his listeners, and they condemned a DJ for being too rude.

In 1990s Don Imus had to close his show after his tactless remark about female basketball team. He called them “nappy-headed”. That caused a great public response, and the show was cancelled.

Don Imus at work

In 2007 Don Imus came back. His updated “Imus in the Morning” entertained people till spring, 2018. Then the scandalous radio host retired.

Although Don Imus work of a radio show host was the main source of his net worth, he got some cash from his business ventures too.

He owned Autobody Express stores. Currently Don Imas runs coffee and pastry shop in Mohegan Sun Casino.

Don Imus Bio

Born John Donald Imus Jr. grew up in the picturesque place – Riverside, CA. His parents, Frances and John Donald Imus, created the right ambience in their house in order to help their two sons – John and Fred – develop their talents. By the way, John Imus brother became a famous talk show host too.

Don Imus biography facts

John Donald had perfect sense of humor, but he didn’t plan to monetize it. He served at Marine Corps in 1957-1962. Then the young man retired. He didn’t have the constant source of income and in addition, had alcohol and drug issues.

But everything had changed, when he won the talent show at Johnny Otis club. That was the beginning of his career in entertainment industry.

Don Imus enjoyed a great success and high level of earnings. But he spent a solid part of his wealth for charity. Together with his second wife Deirdre Coleman the radio DJ founded Imus Ranch – the charity organization for kids with cancer and other health problems.

Don Imus with his wife Deirdre Coleman

The father of 5 kids (four daughters from the first marriage and a son from the second one), Don Imus knows, that cozy home is that very cave, where he can recharge his batteries. Let’s look at Don Imus house!

Don Imus House

Don Imus house

The rich radio personality Don Imus has numerous houses all over USA. One of them – a cozy penthouse in New York – he put on sale.

The contradictory radio host asks per luxurious property a whopping amount of $16 million.

Don Imus house

For that amount the possible buyer will get 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom apartment. Don Imus house can boast with rich and luxurious furniture and decorations. One of the most luxurious rooms in the residence – the living-room – contains comfortable armchairs, artworks and a fireplace. 

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