Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley Net Worth is $35 Million



$35 million


$35 million



Elizabeth Hurley net worth

Nickname: Elizabeth Jane Hurley, Liz

Date of birth: the 10th of June, 1965

Profession: actress, model

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: movies, endorsements

Elizabeth Hurley is a slim beautiful actress and model, who has $35 million net worth. It is impossible not to love her, so charismatic and insightful. Mostly due to that charm Liz managed to become incredibly popular and rich.

She is a daughter of a teacher (mother) and a military man (father). It was her dad, who taught the girl to focus on her aim and to be persistent and self-disciplined.

Elizabeth Hurley was light and slim from her earliest years and that’s why her mother sent her to London Studio Centre, where the girl studied ballet and theater. Liz hated ballet, but soon fell in love with acting and decided to devote her life to that profession.

Hurley debuted in the series “Rumpole of the Bailey” in 1978. Her big break was in 1992, when she appeared in “Passenger 57”.

Although Elizabeth Hurley is a talented actress and a hot woman, she became internationally popular only at the age of 32, when she portrayed Vanessa in the series “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery”. Hurley’s love affair with a star Hugh Grant added some extra kudos to her. She was in relationship with Hugh for about 13 years and although they had never tied the knot officially, Grant helped Hurley to increase her earnings. The actors co-founded the production company Simian Films, so Liz managed to become a successful businesswoman as well.

Her pretty face helped Liz to make money as a fashion person as well. She singed a lucrative deal with the successful cosmetics company Estée Lauder. Besides the actress founded her own swimsuit line Elizabeth Hurley Beach.

Now Elizabeth Hurley brings up her son Damian Charles Hurley, participates in new movies and TV series and spends her millions for travelling and charity.  

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