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Ella Fitzgerald


Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald Net Worth Was $10 Million

How rich was Ella Fitzgerald?

Nicknames: Ella Jane Fitzgerald; The First Lady of Song; The Queen of Jazz

Date of birth: the 25th of April, 1917

Date of death: the 15th of June, 1996

Reason of death: diabetes

Profession: singer

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: music

How Much Was Ella Fitzgerald Worth?

The 13-Grammy winner Ella Fitzgerald has made a wonderful career, and her efforts turned her back with huge earnings. Ella Fitzgerald net worth is estimated at $10 million, and that amount seems unjustly small in comparison with her achievements.

Ella Fitzgerald is 13-time Grammy winner

Ella Fitzgerald started her way to success in 1934 and continued till her death from diabetes complications in 1996. During six decades she entertained people with her pure voice and gibberish sound, which seemed too original and pleasant at the same time.

Fitzgerald has sold more than 6, 7 million copies if her albums since 1991, when her recordings were turned into electronic sound. Of course, early 1990s were not the most successful years in her career, but statistics of her record selling before those years was not maintained. In addition, 14 albums of the legendary jazz singer featured in Billboard 200.

One of the most successful American musicians of all times, Ella Fitzgerald continues making cash after her death too. In 1992-2008 the record label Classics Records re-released 15 Ella Fitzgerald compact disks. And they were sold faster, than hot pies.

Ella Fitzgerald sold millions of her album copies

Singing was the main source of Ella Fitzgerald wealth, but not the only one. She made cash from acting, too. The Queen of Jazz appeared in several movies, including “Pete Kelly's Blues” in 1955 and “Let No Man Write My Epitaph” five years later.

Ella Fitzgerald has become a rich woman. She started her way on top from scratch.

Ella Fitzgerald Bio

Ella Fitzgerald young

Born Ella Jane Fitzgerald spent her young years in Newport News, VA. The girl’s father left the family, when Ella was an infant. Her mother re-married and moved to New York.

In the city of dreams Ella Fitzgerald was a good calm girl and a zealous pupil. But her life changed at the age of 15, when she lost her mother.

Ella Fitzgerald biography facts

After her mother’s death, Ella failed to find the common language with her stepfather. She left home and moved to Harlem, where the future celebrity led a dangerous lifestyle. She left school, got drunk almost every day and used drugs. But the situation had a positive side too. In Harlem Ella fell in love with jazz.

She sang like a goddess, but had never taken music seriously. To make the ends meet, Ella Fitzgerald danced in the clubs. In 1934 she participated in a talent contest, held at Apollo Theater in Harlem. The young gifted performer won the first place. As an award, she got $25 paycheck and a deal with the bandleader Chick Webb. She spent with his orchestra long 7 years.

Ella Fitzgerald and Ronald Reagan after her performnace in the White House

Due to her pure voice, which remained clean till her death, Ella became the music star of all times. She was a frequent guest in the White House, where she was invited to make concerts.

Ella Fitzgerald enjoyed the international fame, but in her personal life she was not happy. For the first time Fitzgerald went down the aisles with Benny Kornegay, a criminal and drug dealer, in 1941. Two years later they separated. Ella was married for the second time to a musician Ray Brown in 1949-1953. The couple separated, and from that moment Fitzgerald had never tied a knot. She brought up an adopted son Ray Brown, Jr.

Ella Fitzgerald husband Ray Brown, Louis Jordan and Ella Fitzgerald herself

Ella Fitzgerald House

Ella Fitzgerald travelled a lot, that’s why it was hard for her to find the place, where she would feel cozy, stable and comfortable. She changed her residence several times per life, but one of her favorite places was a two-storey cottage, built in neo-colonial style. The singer lived there during the years of her short-term marriage. After the divorce she put it on sale.

Ella Fitzgerald house

Ella Fitzgerald spent her last years in her Beverly Hills mansion, CA. There she met her last hour in June, 1996. 

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