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Ellen Page

Ellen Page Net Worth is $14 Million

How rich is Ellen Page?

Nicknames: Ellen Philpotts-Page; Peeps

Date of birth: the 21st of February, 1987

Profession: actress, producer

Nationality: Canada

Source of wealth: television, movies

How Much is Ellen Page Worth?

Ellen Page is an outstanding Canadian actress. She is also a well-fixed person with a $14 million net worth. She accumulated her wealth mostly through her work of an actress. She got famous overnight, having played the title role in the movie “Juno”. The drama, directed by Jason Reitman, told about a pregnant high school student (portrayed by Page) who was looking for good parents for her baby.

The film made viewers all over the world cry, think and fill. Thus, with just $7, 5 million budget the movie gained $143 million in the box office.

For her natural mature play “Juno” Ellen Page got not just a solid salary, but also an Oscar nomination. Although that year she lost to Marion Cotillard, still Ellen Page had a great profit from the nomination – after it her paychecks have become much bigger.

Ellen Page in Juno

Page cemented her star status and augmented her wealth with the roles in such hits as “Inception”, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and more recent “Flatliners”.

Aside acting, Ellen page discovered other sources of wealth. She was a spokesperson of the brand Cisco Systems and starred in other ads, which provided her with easy money.

Diego Luna, Ellen Page, and Nina Dobrev in Flatliners

Besides, she produced some screen projects, such as “Freeheld”, “Tallulah” and some others. These activities contributed to Ellen Page net worth. But how did she begin her career?

Ellen Page Bio and Career

Ellen Page young

Born Ellen Philpotts-Page spent her childhood in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She was raised in a middle-class family of Martha Philpotts, who made her living as a teacher, and Dennis Page, a graphic designer.

Ellen studied at Halifax Grammar School and then transferred to Queen Elizabeth High School. The girl had not much time for studying, because she started acting at a very early age.

Page debuted on TV at the age of 10. Then she was cast in Canadian drama film “Pit Pony”, which two years later turned into TV series with the same name.

The girl played liked a well-trained professional actress, and it was noticed by the viewers. Soon small Ellen Page developed a large fan base. In addition, she won Gemini – the prestigious movie award in Canada.

Ellen Page biography facts

That moment Ellen Page made up a final decision – she decided to become an actress.

In 2003 Ellen Page debuted on American TV in the film “Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story”. The fragile girl of just 155 cm height caught the hearts of American viewers, so she settled in USA and developed her career there. Before life-changing “Juno”, Ellen Page appeared in the series “ReGenesis” and in the film “X-Men: The Last Stand”.

Ellen Page is a hard-working actress, but she is a woman too, so she finds the time for personal life. She dated numerous famous actors, such as Sam Riley, Alexander Skarsgård and some others. But in 2014 Ellen Page announced, that she is a lesbian. In January, 2018 she married to a dancer Emma Portner. The couple lives in a luxurious house.

Ellen Page House

Ellen Page house

Ellen Page bought a beautiful mansion in Hollywood Hills for $1, 7 million. Previously the house belonged to Venus Williams.

The house is a perfect choice for an actress, as it is situated in the best place for the representatives of her profession – in Hollywood.

The residence has 1,528 sq. ft. of living space. It consists of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and can boast with a spacious cozy living-room, which is decorated in white and beige colors.

The yard is beautiful too. There’s a sparkling swimming pool and barbeque area behind the house. There’s a garage too.

Ellen Page Car

Ellen Page car

Ellen Page leads a lifestyle of a rich woman, but without too many frills. She has a beautiful expensive car, but it’s not an unbelievably expensive Lamborghini or Bentley. She drives black stylish Audi. Perfect choice, isn’t it?

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