Eminem’s Ex-Wife Kimberly Scott and Other Women in his Life

Eminem's wife Kim Scott

It is hard not to know Eminem. He is popular as a rapper and as a contradictory person and participant of numerous scandals. Currently the star is single. But who was his wife? What women did he love? And why is he afraid of serious relationship? Let’s learn it all!

“I don’t know where to find a good wife. If you know, you should tell me!” Thus Eminem jokes, when he is asked about his personal life. The reason of his loneliness is hard to be explained. Some people think, he is still in love with his ex-wife. The others suppose, he had too many drug problems to think about love.

But even now, more than a decade after his painful divorce, Eminem never gets tired to tell, that his ex-wife, Kimberly Scott, is the main woman in his life.

Kimberly Scott and Eminem: Interesting Story about a Tragic Love

Marshall Mathers III (the real name of Eminem) and a slim blonde Kim Scott met long ago. Kim knew Eminem at the very beginning of his career, when he was fired from numerous jobs and stayed without a dollar in his pocket. At the same time he tried all his time and energy to find that very path, which will lead him on top. He could write songs the whole night, drank too much and worried a lot.

They met in 1987, when Kim was 13 and Marshall was 15 – just like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. They partied in their friend’s house, he rapped and she looked at him with all that passion a teen girl can look at a boy she liked.

Kim and Eminem before fame

They started dating and soon Kim moved to Marshall and his mother’s house. Their relationships were absolutely illegal and very faithful.

Kim was Marshall’s support, when he struggled for his stardom. He recorded his songs at night, worked at a restaurant in a day time and even took part in a hip hop battle at a local radio station.

Marshall Mathers talent was obvious, he could easily become the hen, that lays golden eggs for any producer. No wonder, that he was immediately noticed and signed by Marky Bass.

Marshall enjoyed his initial popularity, but he was not so hard working to become a star. It was Kim, who propelled her loved one to stardom, although she didn’t do it purposely. Scott got pregnant. In 1995 she gave a birth to a daughter – the only biological child of Eminem. A baby Hailie Mathers inspired Eminem to work 60 hours per week. He wanted to provide his daughter for everything necessary: for interesting toys, high-quality clothes and good food.

Eminem and his daughter Hailie

His daughter was that person, for whom Eminem recorded his first album “Infinite” – his first step to stardom.

If the sudden fatherhood inspired Em to become better, his love to Kim made him frustrated. The couple quarreled a lot and even split for a while in 1996. That inspired Eminem to create Slim Shady – his violent alter-ego.

Eminem and Kim Scott

Kim and Marshal re-united and finally got married in 1999 after 4 years of engagement. But that marriage didn’t last for long. In 2001 the couple filed for divorce. Em devoted his wife numerous songs, full of crime anger and anxiety.

Eminem and Kim second marriage

Nevertheless they married one more time in 2006 and split after 10 month of marriage.

Their tragic love made Kim try to kill herself, as she admitted later. Em was in depression and used drugs to cope with his pain. At the same time that pain helped his star rise.


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Other Women of Eminem: Myth vs Reality

Although Kim remained Eminem’s main and strongest love, he dated many other women too. Most of his women denied dating the scandalous rapper. Some of them appeared in his song. He was rumored to date Britney Spears and Mariah Carey, was in short term relationship with late Brittany Murphy and had an encounter with an actress Joy McAvoy.

Brittany Murphy and Eminem

Em’s fans noticed his special attention to porn stars. The musician was in relationships with hot Brittany Andrews for almost half a year. The other hottie in his dating list was Gina Lynn. Porn stars appeared in is music videos from time to time too.

Eminem and pornstar Gina Lynn

Eminem had lots of drug problems that made his romantic relationships quite complicated. Till now he is rumored to love Kim and to look for ways to re-unite with her.

He dines all the rumors and tries to forget about his problems working as much as possible. He is afraid of serious relationship. Being a rich star, Eminem understands, that he is a just a moneybag for most of people. That’s why he values more those girlfriends and friends, whom he has been known since his poor times.

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