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Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews Net Worth is $58 Million

How rich is Erin Andrews?

Nicknames: Erin Jill Andrews; EA

Date of birth: the 4th of May, 1978

Profession: sportscaster, journalist

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, endorsements

How Much is Erin Andrews Worth?

Erin Andrews is an unbelievably beautiful woman, famous sportscaster and financially secure person with a net worth of $58 million. Her wealth comes from three sources – from her work of Fox Sports commentator and Dance with the Stars co-host (at ABC channel); from multi-million compensation she got after a court process and from various endorsement deals.

Erin Andrews and Tom Bergeron co-host DWTS

Erin used her style and deep knowledge of football and baseball background to get the job, which contributed to her net worth. In 2004 she was selected as a co-host of ESPN show “College GameDay”, where she told sports enthusiasts about college football and baseball.

Erin Andrews’ hot look attracted numerous new viewers to the show. She worked for ESPN during long 8 years. But in 2010 she started to collaborate with another channel too. At first Erin contributed to the show “Good Morning, America!”

In addition she appeared in the 10th season of DWTS show. She danced with a handsome and skilful dancer Maks Chmerkovskiy. The couple occupied the 3rd place.

Erin Andrews and Maks Chmerkovskiy at DWTS

Four years later Erin Andrews has been hired as DWTS co-host. Her annual income is estimated at $2 million. It’s a lot, of course, but how did she save astonishing $58 million from it?

In fact, half of Erin Andrews net worth comes from a “peephole” scandal and a court process, which followed it.

In 2008 Michael David Barret filmed the bombshell Erin Andrews through a peephole. The star was absolutely naked on the tape. Later he tried to sell it to a number of websites. When Erin Andrews recognized herself on the tape, she started a court process against Michael and workers of Radisson Hotel, where the accident took place. She won it and got millions of dollars.

And finally, EA made some cash through endorsements. She advertised Kraft Foods and a number of other brands.

Erin Andrews Early Years and Lifestyle

Young Erin Andrews as ESPN reporter

Being a beautiful woman in the area of activity, occupied mostly by men, Erin Andrews tries her best to develop female part of her nature. She workouts almost every day, tries to eat healthy and doesn’t think about the changes of her body, which come with age.

She grew up in Valrico, FL in a family of a teacher (mother) and TV journalist (father). Her dad hold 6 Emmys as one of the best investigative reporters in Florida.

Erin decided to follow her father’s path. She entered the University of Florida, where she earned Bachelor Degree in telecommunications.

Erin Andrews bio

Andrews earned her first salary in 2000, when she found a job of Fox freelance reporter. Her big break came in 2004, when she started to work for ESPN.

Erin Andrews and her husband Jarrett Stoll

Erin Andrews House

In 2017 Erin Andrews got married her long-term partner, a popular ice-hockey player Jarrett Stoll. Like any other woman, Andrews tries her best to create a cozy home for her loved one. The famous sportscaster keeps her private life away from public eyes. Nevertheless you can have a look at her former house!

Erin Andrews house

Andrews bought a beautiful beach house in the suburb of Atlanta for $388, 500. Then she was proud of her residence, really comfortable and elegant, ideal for the young reporter.

Erin Andrews house

During long 9 years the star enjoyed 4 roomy bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, as well as a cozy living-room and well-equipped kitchen, united under one roof.

In addition the house can boast with wooden floor, snowy-white doors and huge windows, which let the sun rays easily, come into the room.

Erin Andrews house

Each room of the house looks so warm, decorated in white and light brown colors. But in the kitchen another color is added – pitch black. This room looks really elegant with a black fridge and a black gas stove. 

Currently Andrews spends more time in Los Angeles. So, she put this beautiful house on sale. 

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