Erin Moran Net Worth

Erin Moran Net Worth was $50, 000

How rich was Erin Moran?

Nickname: Erin Marie Moran-Fleischmann

Date of birth: the 18th of October, 1960

Date of death: the 22nd of April, 2017

Cause of death: throat cancer (drug overdose, according to the other source)

Profession: actress

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, movies

How Much was Erin Moran Worth?

Some celebrities, like Robert DeNiro or Diana Ross, remain rich and popular in their “after 50” years. The others lose everything they had saved in their better times. The life story of late Erin Moran is rather sad than happy. She died in poverty in April, 2017. Although officially the reason of her death was a kind of throat cancer, it was rumored, that she passed away because of heroin overdose. The actress owned $50, 000 net worth, which is a nuisance for a popular TV actress. In her last years she was homeless.

In her young years Erin Moran earned a solid salary. She was becoming richer and richer, getting a huge salary for her acting gigs. She rose to fame as Joanie Cunningham from “Happy Days”. During that period the actress got $750 per each episode.

Erin Moran in "Happy Days"

After the end of the show she appeared in its spin-off “Joanie Loves Chachi” and participated in a number of other movies and series, like “Hotel”, “The Love Boat”, “The Magic Pony” etc.

In 2011 Erin cooperated with the other actors and filed a lawsuit against CBS, the owner of “Happy Days”. The actors demanded from the company money for their photos (depicting Happy Days heroes), which were put on lunch boxes and T-shirts. Erin Morin got $65, 000 of compensation.

Erin Moran’s Way On Top

The late Erin Moran started to save her net worth in her primary school age. Then the girl, supported by her mother, started to visit auditions.

At the age of 14 she won the role in “Happy Days”, which made her a star. Unfortunately Erin’s career was stalled in her after-Happy Days times. The actress got used to alcohol and drugs.

Erin Morin in her last years

In 2010 Erin, her husband Steven Fleischmann and mother-in-law were evicted of their house in California and moved to a trailer park house. In 2012 Erin came home drunk (which has become her regular habit) and arranged a fight with her mother-in-law. After that her husband and his mom kicked Erin out of the house. She has become homeless and spent most part of her time, drinking in motels.

In April, 2017 she was found dead by a stranger. Probably, the reason was drug overdose. 

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