Eva Longoria Husbands: She Got Married More Times than Gaby Solis

Eva Longoria husbands

Most of people associate Eva Longoria with her famous heroine Gaby Solis. By the way, the actress doesn’t like it, because she considers herself as the exact opposite of the former supermodel and beloved wife of a businessman Carlos Solis.

Eva Longoria as Gaby in DH

In comparison to Gaby, the actress has never been looking for a rich husband. Eva Longoria net worth is big enough, and she earned it herself – without anyone’s help. She is hard-working, not so focused on her physical beauty, and in addition Eva got married even more often than Mrs. Solis. Gaby tied a not with Victor Lang and Carlos Solis, while Eva said “Yes!” to three different men. Let’s have a look at her romantic history.

Tyler Christopher: The First Attempt to Be Happy

Eva Longoria with her first husband Tyler Christopher

The cute actor Tyler Christopher is just 3 years older than Eva. But when they met for the first time, he pretended to be a real old glove. 

They met at the set of “General Hospital”, where he was a regular and she just had a tiny role. Her heroine appeared on the screen just for a couple of seconds – Eva even had no words, she just took of her sunglasses and got in a taxi. Nothing to speak at all, but young actress Eva had great expectations for this screen work.

Tyler Christopher in General Hospital

In fact, that TV appearance meant almost nothing for Eva’s career. But fate had another gift for her – she met Tyler.

He liked the beauty Eva at first sight. Her big eyes, slim body and soft thick hair immediately captured his attention. Tyler used all his charm to make Eva like him. He joked, gave her professional advice and very soon told his life story, which resembled Eva’s.

Tyler was born in a small town not far from Chicago, where he grew up with his three siblings. He liked acting, but didn’t consider it as a profession. After school Tyler entered Ohio Wesleyan University, and then he tried a number of odd jobs, including waiting tables and service at UCLA medical Center.

The young man looked like an athlete – in fact he spent lots of time, playing golf and baseball and even thought about career in sports industry.

But then he moved to LA and concentrated his efforts on acting. He gained some popularity as Nikolas Cassadine in “General Hospital” and looked like a real star in Eva’s brown eyes.

Eva Longoria and Tyler Christopher met a film set

She has always liked tall athletic wide-shouldered men. No doubt, Tyler belonged to that type of humans – strong, wit and active.

They started dating, and then moved together – and soon Tyler offered Eva to get married in Vegas. And the actress said “Yes!” Later Eva told that story to another “desperate housewife” Felicity Huffman, and she was shocked. For Felicity, who agreed to tie a knot with her husband, an actor William Macy, only after 15 years of relationship, Longoria’s levity looked weird! Really, Eva didn’t think too much, she just wanted to have fun!

In 2002 she became Mrs. Christopher. Probably, their marriage was bound to fail. But at first Eva really tried to be a good wife. She cooked delicious dinners, tried to spend all her free time with Tyler and supported him in the moments of sorrow.

Tyler Christopher and Eva Longoria wedded in Las Vegas

But soon she was involved into filming “Dragnet’, where Eva played a detective during the first season. That was a great success for the young actress, but that job drifted Eva and Tyler apart. In January, 2004 Longoria and Christopher got divorced.

Eva was ready to start a new page in her life. She returned the key from Tyler’s apartment and looked at his wide back, while he was going away. She had no time to regret – the actress has got a new job on TV – in the show “Desperate Housewives”.

Tony Parker: The Person, Who Hurt Her

Eva Longoria with her second husband Tony Parker

Till now Eva remembers the first episode of DH. She stayed in a big van not far from a film set, wearing a light pink suit. She had long artificial lashes and looked like a real supermodel. “This role can change your life”, Marc Cherry, DH producer, told her. But Eva just smiled skeptically – she was not a beginner and didn’t believe in fairytales.

Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria and Marc Cherry

But soon DH has become the most popular show at ABC. Together with Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman, she spent 18 hours per day at a film set and had no time for a love affair. But God again changed her plans.

One day Eva visited a basketball match. In fact, she was not fond of this game, but her father, Enrique Longoria, was a big fan of San Antonio Spurs. After the game Enrique and Eva went into the locker room – her father used her popularity to meet his favorite athletes in person. There Eva saw Tony Parker.

He was tall, young and very active. Longoria noticed how he looked at her – his big eyes were full of admiration. Tony asked the tiny star to change the phone numbers and she agreed – again, just to have fun.

Tony Parker loved Eva Longoria at first sight

Parker phoned her the next day, but their relationship grew so slowly! They both had plenty of work; in addition Eva was very cautious. This time she was not going to jump into the new love too quickly.

At first Tony Parker put 100% of efforts to catch Eva Longoria’s heart. He bought her flowers, phoned her several times per day and even wrote her poems – an incredible thing for an athlete.

They both visited Marcia Cross and Tom Mahoney wedding in 2006. Soon Tony felt, that he was ready to make an important step too.

He proposed Eva in a luxurious hotel room, decorated with rose petals. Of course, he stood on one knee and then put a ring on her finger. And she said “Yes!”

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria tied a knot in France

They wedded in Paris, in 2007 and Eva invited all DH cast. They arranged a wonderful party. Longoria looked so happy in an incredibly expensive wedding dress, which cost her $75, 000. They wedded in an old French church and then had a great dinner with a tall cake of bright red color.

During long 4 years Eva Longoria felt like the happiest woman on earth. But her sandcastle was ruined in the cold autumn evening in 2010. Then she took Tony’s phone and read his messages to another woman.

Tony Parker cheated Eva Longoria

He confessed, that cheated his gorgeous wife, and she immediately packed her suitcases. Soon Eva Longoria Filed for divorce.

José Bastón: He Is The Only One

Eva Longoria and her third husband Jose Baston

Later Tony Parker told, that his divorce with Eva was the most painful experience in his life. Of course, it was hard for her too. Vivid and active Longoria has become the exact opposite of herself. She channeled her energy on work and decided not to get married again. She established herself as a childfree – a person, who doesn’t want to have kids.

Of course, she dated many rich and powerful men. But she didn’t open her heart to any of them.

One day she was introduced to José Bastón. In 2013 both of them were busy with some love affairs and that’s why that first meeting didn’t bring them anything. But six months later they met again – and this time Jose didn’t want to let her go.

Eva Longoria and Jose Baston met in 2013

Jose Baston was completely different from her ex-husband Tony. He was 7 years older than Eva (while Tony was 7 years younger), wasn’t interested in sports, but was really successful as a television producer. He served as the president of a significant Mexican TV company Televisa.

At first Eva couldn’t believe in her happiness. Like Gaby Solis, she finally felt, how pleasant it was to be near a strong and powerful man, who was ready to solve each her problem

In December, 2015 Jose proposed his loved one after two years of dating. They had a romantic dinner in Dubai, and he gave Longoria a ring with a huge diamond – hard and solid, like his love to her.

They wedded in May, 2016 in Mexico City. Eva and Jose invited the closest friends – Penelope Cruz, Victoria Beckham and David Beckham, Ricky Martin and many others.

Eva Longoria and Jose Baston wedding in 2016

Longoria put on a long straight dress, which didn’t hide her shoulders and hands.

The fans were so happy for an actress. Finally she has added to her status of a TV star and producer the sweet title of the beloved wife.

But fate had another surprise for her too. In 2017 Eva Longoria appeared in public with a round neat belly, covered with a luxurious dress. The actress opened up, that she was pregnant – for the first time at the age of 42!

Pregnant Eva Longoria with her husband Jose Baston

Eva got pregnant after IVF. She felt, that she was ready to become a mother – she has already become a perfect stepmother for Jose’s three kids from previous marriage.

The happy parents are looking forward to meet their boy. Now Eva doesn’t like to recollect in her mind her previous relationships. She was hurt, but finally the game paid off!

Eva Longoria and Jose Baston look incredibly happy!

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