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Felicity Huffman Net Worth

$20 million

  • Real name / birth name Felicity Kendall Huffman
  • Occupation actress
  • Source of Wealth television, movies
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth December 9, 1962
  • Age 60
  • Zodiac sign Sagittarius
  • Birth place Bedford, New York, United States
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$20 million


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How Much is Felicity Huffman Worth?

Many people know such a wonderful actress Felicity Huffman just by her work in the popular drama series “Desperate Housewives”. Actually, her play in this show is just one side of her talent. In fact Huffman has in her film list a number of great complicated screen roles, like a transgender woman in “Transamerica” or Kate Hudson’s screen sister in “Rising Helen”. During the years of her career Huffman proved, she is worth the title of a movie star and a solid salary. For example, for each episode of “Desperate Housewives” Felicity Huffman got $400, 000 of salary. Have a look at the photo, where Felicity Huffman is depicted with her colleagues Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross and Dana Delany.

Felicity Huffman earns her millions through acting, and now she has enough time for endorsements too. Unlike other actresses, Felicity doesn’t make money on her endorsement activity. She cooperated with Lee Jeans giant to raise funds for breasts cancer. Each $5 from the pair of Lee jeans, which was bought on Friday, was spent for breasts cancer investigation and treatment.

Now Felicity Huffman enjoys her success. She is an Oscar nominated star, the holder of Golden Globe award and three Screen Guild Awards. But how did she start her career?

Felicity Huffman Bio and Career

It is hard to believe now, but Felicity Huffman had never considered herself as beautiful. She suffered from anorexia, and weighed just 48 kilos, being 165 cm tall. The daughter of an actress (mother) and a banker (father), she started her career as a theater actress and then gradually moved her way on television and big screen. Felicity debuted in “Things Change”, where she got a small role of Wheel of Fortune girl. The young actress rose to fame as Dana Whitaker, the executive producer of news show, from “Sports Night”, ABC series. To the time, when she won the role of Lynette Scavo in “Desperate Housewives”, she had already become an awarded popular entertainer.

No need to say, that Huffman earned a solid part of her wealth as an actress of a popular show. Once she told in her interview, that she is terribly scared, when her long-term project is over. The actress insists, her colleagues are paid so high, because they “sell their future” too. It is hard for an actor to find a new job after a series. “The person appears in an acting jail”, Huffman tells.

But Felicity can hardly be called “an actress of one role”. Her heroines are versatile. She portrayed a mother of 5 children, a police chief, a drug addict woman and even a transgender woman.


The TV star understands her heroine Lynette perfectly. The mother of 2 daughters, she tells, there’s a real chaos in her house, when her daughters are going to the kindergarten. In fact, Felicity is really happy in her personal life. Since 1997 she is married an actor William H. Macy. The couple owns several luxurious houses. William and Felicity has a residence near Aspen, the small apartment not far from The Grove shopping center in LA and the huge mansion in that very city. The estate cost $3, 8 million. It consists of a multi-layer house, a roomy garage, a swimming pool and about 3 acres of beach territory.

The house has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a roomy living-room and a well-equipped kitchen, decorated in black and white colors. Have a look at her living-room! It is spacious and very cozy. There are lots of soft sofas with huge pillows in the room. To make the living-room look elegant, the actress hung an art-work on one of the walls.

Felicity Huffman Car

Although Felicity Huffman can get really expensive vehicle, she prefers simple small car, manufactured by Ford. The Desperate Housewives star chose the vehicle of white color.



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