How Much is Flavor Flav Worth?

Flavor Flav is a well-known hip-hop artist who has amassed a net worth of $3 million. He is known best as a hype man, founder, and main vocalist of the band titled Public Enemy.

His career kicked off when he launched the Public Enemy in 1986, an influential hip-hop group from Long Island focused on politicized texts, full of criticism of the media and the US political system. After gaining extensive popularity through their debut album entitled Yo! Bum Rush the Show during the year 1987, the collective worked excellently to issue total fourteen studio albums, and the vast majority of them have gone Gold or Platinum in numerous countries.

During the year 2006, the singer unveiled his first solo album titled Hollywood and did an appearance on TV show Flavor of Love. Within a very few years, he had emerged as a constant participant in various television shows, comedian and actor. He took a definite break from the music and went to shoot in such projects as The Surreal Life (2004), Good Day Live (2005), Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2004-2011), YooHoo and Friends (2011) and more.

Apart from this, he also spent some time managing and creating his own restaurants, although his success in this field was moderate. He launched his own dining room Flav’s Fried Chicken in 2011 and hoped to start a national franchise. Just a few months after this, he totally ruined this venture and went to present his other project – Flavor Flav’s Chicken Ribs, which has much greater success and contributed to his wealth a lot.