How Much is Frank Abagnale Worth?

An impressive security consultant and a controversial figure in the history of business Frank Abagnale has accumulated a net worth of over $12 million. Possessing a special talent and penchant for fraud, at the age of 16, he began to forge checks and cash them across the country and abroad. For five years of criminal activity, his fake checks totaling $ 2.5 million were in circulation in 26 countries. Hiding from criminal prosecution, Frank had shown amazing abilities in reincarnation, posing as a pilot, a professor of sociology, a doctor and more. He was eventually caught in 1969.

Being released from prison, Abagnale tried to find a job, but when employers learned about such a serious criminal record, they immediately refused him. Correspondingly, Abagnale decided to apply with a non-standard proposal to the bank office.

He talked about his past and made the following deal: he shows bank employees ways to cheat and replace documents, and in return, he does not take anything if his advice turned out to be useless. If not, he is paid $ 500 and given a recommendation to other banks. Since the stunts he showed made a proper impression, he soon became a legal security advisor.

Later, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he founds an agency that advises world-renowned enterprises. In addition, he carries on to cooperate with the FBI, lecturing in the academy and specialized departments of the bureau. Frank Abagnale’s life and creation formed the plot of the picture Catch Me If You Can (2002) with Leonardo DiCaprio playing the lead role.