Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury Net Worth was $100 Million



$100 million


$100 million



Freddie Mercury net worth

Nicknames: Farrokh Bulsara, Larry Lurex

Date of birth: the 5th of September, 1946

Date of death: the 24th of November, 1991

Profession: singer, songwriter, musician

Nationality: United Kingdom

Source of wealth: music

Freddie Mercury’s name has already become a legend. His popularity was incredible, people got crazy on him and the tickets to his concerts were bought like hot pies in winter. Of course, Freddie Mercury earned a lot during several decades of his career. His net worth is estimated as $100 million

Freddie made his money mostly as a musician. He was great in playing the piano and organ. The star was a talented songwriter too. It was he, who gave the world such hits as “We Are the Champions”, “Killer Queen”, “Somebody to Love” etc. In general Freddie Mercury is responsible for 2 studio albums as a solo artist and 13 studio albums as the vocalist of the band “Queen”. By the way, “Queen” released two studio albums with Freddie’s voice after his sudden death of AIDs in 1991.

Freddie Mercury was born in Zanzibar, but his parents sent the boy to study at St. Peter's boarding school, which was run by Great Britain. There he showed great interest in music and his parents added piano lessons to Freddie’s daily schedule. He was a member of school band and dreamed to become a musician, although he continued his education at the Ealing College of Art. Freddie studied graphic illustration, but then occasionally met a bass guitar player Tim Staffell, who introduced Freddie to his friends Roger Taylor and Brian May. Soon Tim left and Freddie together with Roger, Brian and new bass guitarist John Deacon created a legendary band “Queen”.

Even now, being dead for 25 years, the celebrity still makes money. In 2004 Forbes estimated Freddie Mercury’s annual earnings as $5 million. 

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