Garry Marshall biography

Garry Marshall Net Worth

$50 million

  • Real name / birth name Garry Kent Masciarelli
  • Occupation film director; screenwriter; producer; actor
  • Source of Wealth movies
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth November 13, 1934
  • Date of death July 19, 2016 (81 years)
  • Zodiac sign Scorpio
  • Birth place The Bronx, New York City, New York, United States
Sources 2018 2019 $50 million $50 million $50 million

$50 million


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How Much is Garry Marshall Worth?

In April 2016 he presented his last movie “Mother’s Day”. It seems that the popular film director, sometimes actor and writer felt, that it had been his last hit. He invited to the film set the greatest actresses of all times – well-groomed Jennifer Aniston, glamorous Kate Hudson and elegant Julia Roberts. By the way, it was he, who turned Julia Roberts into the main Hollywood Princess. She starred in four of his movies, including the international hit “Pretty Woman”.

No need to say that the film director, who gave the world “Overboard”, “Runaway Bride”, “The Princess Diaries” and many other great kind movies, saved plenty of dollars on his bank account. Garry Marshall net worth was $50 million. Most part of his wealth he got as a film director, but Garry started his career as a joke writer. In addition Garry Marshall made some cash as an occasional actor. For example, he portrayed The Devil in a bright Halloween comedy “Hocus Pocus”.

But how did he reach his stardom?

Garry Marshall Bio and Career

It is hard to make plans as God always has plans of his own. Garry Marshall had never thought about becoming a celebrity. He had just once written a humorous letter to “Daily Northwestern Sports” and it was published. Thus the young college student Garry made his life choice and decided to become a writer.

He wrote jokes for the comic Joey Bishop and then began to write for “The Tonight Show”. He studied journalism at Northwestern University and having got Bachelor Degree, Garry moved to Hollywood.

Soon Garry Marshall had become a serious screenwriter. He created famous TV series of 70-s, like “Love, American Style”, “The Odd Couple”, “Happy Days” etc. Garry Marshall gained international popularity, when he began his career of a film director.

During more than 40 years in movie industry he had not just directed numerous hit movies, but also made about 16 TV series and produced more than 1, 000 episodes. Most of his films have become box office hits, but that was not the main thing. The main thing, which matters, is that he made kind romantic films, which inspired people all over the world.


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