Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman Net Worth is $40 Million



$40 million


$40 million



Gary Oldman net worth

Nickname: Gary Leonard Oldman, Gaz

Date of birth: the 21st of March, 1958

Profession: actor, musician, film producer

Nationality: United Kingdom

Source of wealth: movies, television, theater

Many people think, that to become a millionaire, you should be born in a very rich family and it is impossible to become a well heeled person without a good springboard to help reach the stars. But Gary Oldman proved that everything is possible, because being a well known star and a multimillionaire now, he had had a very poor start.

Gary Leonard Oldman was born in a family of a welder (father) and a homemaker (mother). He spent his childhood years in London, England, where he visited numerous theaters and got interested in acting.

Oldman’s father was a great drunker and he died of alcoholism in 1984. Gary suffered from his father’s cruelty and bad habits in his teens, till finally his mother had found the force to file for divorce. Many years after Oldman wrote and directed the movie “Nil By Mouth”, which was inspired by his unfortunate father.

The boy himself was incredibly difficult. He hated school and left it at the age of 15 to start earning. He got his first salary, working as a salesman. Gary sold sports equipment, but he had never forgotten his love to cinema making and dreamed to become a professional actor.

Gary Oldman entered Rose Bruford School of Speech and Drama and got there Bachelor Degree in Theater Arts.

He started his career as a theater actor and appeared in a big variety of Shakespeare’s plays. He was the best in roles of villains and later he demonstrated that ability to look evil and frightening on the big screen. Till now his heroes Stansfield from “Leon” and O.W. Grant from “Interstate 60” are considered as the best in the cinema history.

Gary Oldman achieved incredible financial success in 2004, when he was cast as Sirius Black to cult Harry Potter film “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”.

In spite of the fact that Gary is prone to alcoholism, like his late father, he remains a rich and expressive actor, who caught the hearts of people all over the world. 

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