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Gary Sinise Net Worth

$45 million

  • Real name / birth name Gary Alan Sinise
  • Occupation actor, film director, musician
  • Source of Wealth acting, directing, music
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth March 17, 1955
  • Age 67
  • Zodiac sign Pisces
  • Birth place Blue Island, Illinois, United States
Sources 2018 2019 $40 million $40 million $45 million

$45 million


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How Much is Gary Sinise Worth?

Gary Sinise is one of the most recognizable modern actors. He starred in a number box office hits, like “Forrest Gump”, “The Green Mile”, “A Gentleman’s Game” etc. In addition he portrayed the main hero in all 197 episodes of “CSI: NY”, which certainly brought him not just kudos, but money as well.

Gary Sinise Salary for one episode of “CSI: NY”

$275, 000

Currently the actor’s net worth is estimated as $40 million. He earned the major pile of that wealth as an actor. Being the holder of numerous prestigious awards, like Oscar nomination, Golden Globe, Primetime Emmy, Sinise’s acting rates are high. The performer, who participates in 2-3 new projects annually, must get high constant income. Some part of his wealth Gary Sinise earned as a skilful film director. He directed “Of Mice and Men”, “Miles from Home” and some other movies.

Sinise is a talented musician too. He performs at Lt. Dan Band.

Really, Gary can enjoy his status of an internationally popular Hollywood star. But what was his way to stardom?

Gary Sinise Bio and Career

Gary Sinise names his father as an inspiration. His dad served as a film editor, and he introduced his son to movie industry in Gary’s early years.

Sinise was a careful pupil at Highland Park High School. After that he entered Illinois State University.

Gary Sinise won his first acting job in 1983. Then he starred in the play “True West” and directed it too. The young entertainers’ efforts were noticed and awarded. After that Gary moved his path to the world of big screen movies. He directed “Miles from Home”, while Richard Gere portrayed the main hero in the movie. After that he acted in “A Midnight Clear” and “Forest Gump”, which made him a celebrity.

Having gained initial recognition, Gary cemented his star position with the films “Mission to Mars”, “Apollo 13” etc. The actor’s salary became bigger and bigger from one successful role to another. Having become a wealthy person, he decided to start a charity foundation.

They say life is like a box of chocolate, as there’s always a surprise, what you are going to get. Golden Globe holder Gary Sinise understands it, that’s why he supports those, who got a bitter chocolate piece from their fate. He created Gary Sinise Foudation “R.I.S.E”, which supports veterans. The charity company reconstructs homes for people with special needs, for example, those, who are wheel-chaired and can’t cope with high house staircases themselves.

Gary Sinise supports war veterans in many other ways too. As Lt. Dan Band member, he plays for free at military bases. For his charity work with veterans the actor was honored as an Honorary Marine in 2013.

As you see, Gary Sinise is not focused on moneymaking and tries to give back the part of earnings he gets. Nevertheless he still has enough money to get the comfortable house for himself and his family members.


Gary Sinise is a public person, so each second of his life he is ready to be photographed and interviewed. The only place, where the movie star can have some rest is his home. He shares a huge mansion with his wife Moira Harris. Very often their three adult children come to visit them.

The mansion is incredibly spacious. It consists of 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms – sounds good for 2 people, doesn’t it?

A great view opens from a big window of Gary’s bedroom. The actor admires a huge swimming pool, numerous palm trees and rose bushes.

But inside the house looks even better than outside. Sinise’s house is accessed through a huge wooden door. Having just entered the house, a person sees a small light brown table on sloping legs.  There’s a big candle bar in the middle of the table, so Gary and his wife can enjoy the soft candle light in the evenings, when they are in a romantic mood. The table is surrounded by several comfortable armchairs, covered with grey leather. Huge green plants in the room make it cozy and refresh its air.

When the actor gets hungry, he can have dinner in a big dining-room. It is decorated in black and beige colors. There’s an interesting artwork on the wall of the room.

So, the fans can be sure, their favorite actor lives in a beautiful house, where he has some rest and brings forward new ideas.


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