George Carlin

George Carlin Net Worth Was $10 Million

How rich is George Carlin?

Nickname: George Denis Patrick Carlin

Date of birth: the 12th of May, 1937

Date of death: the 22nd of June, 2008

Profession: actor, comic, author

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, movies

How Much is George Carlin Worth?

It was a hot day in June, 2008. The popular comedian and writer George Carlin was hospitalized. The celebrity had severe pain in his chest. That very day he died from heart failure. At the time of death, the film actor’s net worth was estimated as $ 10 million. His wife Sally Wade and daughter Kelly Carlin-McCull were the heiresses to his fortune. How did George Carlin, a person from simple folk, manage to save such a net worth?

George Carlin Young

The major part of that amount came from George Carlin work of an actor and stand-up comedian. He was nicknamed as “King of Black Humor” for his vivid and truthful performance. Very often he spoke on forbidden topics and used taboo words, but it made him even more popular.

George Carlin started his career in 1950-s. His last public performance took place 4 months before his death. During the years of his career George Carlin appeared in more than 100 movies and TV shows. He performed in night clubs, released more than 20 stand-up albums and wrote 5 books. His most famous book is “Brain Droppings”.

George Carlin book

Carlin’s salary had always been big enough. He got money from his live performances, selling of his books and albums and from movie roles. George’s earnings in middle 1960-s were estimated as $250, 000 per year (according to Therichest). Thus he managed to save his net worth.  

George Carlin’s Way On Top

George Carlin Net Worth

It is hard to tell now, why George Carlin’s career was so successful. Of course, he was a person of rare talent, open-minded, truthful and hard-working. At the same time he was not truly pious. He smoked marihuana, snorted coke and was court-martialled.

George earned his first salary as a dj and then teamed up with his friend Jack Burns. They formed a comedy duo, which made Carlin initially popular. After that he got a job on TV. Carlin starred in “The Mike Douglas Show”, “The Merv Griffin Show”, “The Carol Burnett Show” etc. In 1994 he hosted “The George Carlin Show”.

He appeared in a well-known movie “Jersey Girl”, where he co-starred Ben Affleck and Liv Tylor. George Carlin was a unique person. Nobody can joke like him!

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