George Lucas biography

George Lucas Net Worth

$5.5 billion

  • Real name / birth name George Walton Lucas Jr
  • Occupation film director, film producer
  • Source of Wealth movies
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth May 14, 1944
  • Age 78
  • Zodiac sign Taurus
  • Birth place Modesto, California, United States
Sources 2018 $5.5 billion $5.1 billion $5.1 billion

$5.5 billion


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How Much is George Lucas Worth?

Everyone knows that Hollywood is the habitat of the richest people in the world. But George Lucas is a moneybag even by Hollywood standards. His net worth is estimated at $5, 5 billion. He is considered as one of 2 richest persons in Hollywood (the second of them is Steven Spielberg).

George earned the major part of that wealth through his work of a film director. He has become much richer than others due to a number of super successful movies, which hit the box office.

The first George Lucas hit was “American Graffiti”. This comedy was presented in 1973 and opened the way to stardom for such talented actors as Richard Dreyfuss and Harrison Ford.

His next obvious hit was “Star Wars”. The space fantasy turned into a long-term franchise. It made George Lucas a billionaire and movie mogul. In addition it helped then-young actors Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher become A list Hollywood stars.

Alongside career of a film director and screen writer, George Lucas tried his hand in business too. He founded the company Lucasfilm, which produced not just “Star Wars”, but also other cult movies about Indiana Jones. In 2012 George Lucas sold his company to Disney.

George Lucas Bio and Career

The future billionaire George Lucas was born in the middle-class American family of George and Dorothy Lucas. In his teens Lucas was fond of racing cars, but the terrible car accident he was involved into put that interest to an end.

During his years in Modesto Junior College, Lucas started to make home videos. At first he filmed car racing videos and then began to create movies on various topics.

In 1972 George Lucas presented his first documentary movie “THX 1138” at a film festival. It didn’t become a hit, that’s why Lucas decided to create feature films.

In 1973 he directed “American Graffiti”.

Currently George Lucas is partially retired from show business. He spends the most part of time in one of his luxurious mansions.


The celebrated film director and billionaire George Lucas owns several places to reside. One of his residences has become popular too because of its luxurious and exotic look. Yes, it’s Skywalker Ranch, which Lucas used as the place for making his hit movies.

Skywalker Ranch is situated not far from Nicasio, CA. To build this massive estate, George Lucas spent astonishing $100 million. For that amount the legendary filmmaker enjoys not just a multi-layer house, but also a vast territory around it with a restaurant, swimming-pool, gym, vineyards and animal barns. It seems that Lucas has created his own small world!

George Lucas home in Bel Air is another piece of luxury and first-rate beauty. It is estimated at almost $34 million, which is an enormous amount for many people, but not for the moneybag George Lucas.

His Bel Air Villa, built in Spanish style, is located at 10, 000 sq. ft. territory. Lucas resides in a comfortable house of five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, an elegant living-room and beautiful dining-room.

No wonder, that a famous film maker George Lucas created a screening room in his house, where he watches films for both, work and pleasure.

The house is surrounded by manicured picturesque lawns.

When the person owns a couple of billions, he can choose any car he wants – and even more than one.

George Lucas has had the passion to cars since his earliest years, that’s why vehicles in his collection are first-class only. Mosler MT900S, Fiat Bianchina and a pride of any affluent person – Ferrari F360.

This car can boast with 3, 6-liter engine and has 400 horsepower under its hood.

Of course, the vehicle can boast with stylish first-class design. Its sleek body looks like a fast miracle on the road.

The car has been manufactured since 1999. It costs about $200, 000. Ferrari is worth each penny, which was spent to get it. It occupies the rightful place in George Lucas garage.


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