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George R. R. Martin


George R. R. Martin

George R. R. Martin Net worth is $65 Million



$50 million


$65 million



George R. R. Martin net worth

Nicknames: George Raymond Richard Martin, GRRM

Date of birth: the 20th of September, 1948

Profession: author, novelist

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: scripts, books

George R. R. Martin is a well known talented author, who can boast with $65 million net worth. His annual earnings are estimated by Celebritynetworth as $15 million. Most part of that amount GRRM gets for “Game of Thrones” series, which are based on his books. But George Martin’s net worth and popularity come not just from this single project; he has many other literary works he can be proud of too. Thus he is a writer and editor of “Wild Cards” series, as well as of “Twilight Zone” and “Beauty and the Beast” series.

George Martin showed his skills of a writer, when he was still a child. Being a school pupil, George wrote monster stories.

Martin got his first salary as a writer at the age of 22, when he sold his story “Hero” to Galaxy magazine.

GRRM got great education. He graduated from Northwestern University, IL with a Master Degree in Journalism. After that George earned his living as Vietnam War observer.

In 1980s Martin began to serve as a full-time Hollywood writer. This occupation brought him both fame and money. George Martin gained incredible popularity, when he wrote “A Song of Ice and Fire”, which serves as the base for series “Games of Thrones”, “Clash of Kings” and “A Storm of Swords”. He is the author of some other popular fiction books, which bring him money every year.

Now George Martin is a millionaire, a celebrity and VIP person. But he leads a simple way of life. The star writer likes to communicate with his readers, but he refuses to discuss his books as these questions bored him to death.

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