How Much is George Soros Worth?

Remarkable businessperson, venture capitalist and entrepreneur George Soros has accumulated a net worth over $8 billion. He has earned such great wealth by setting up numerous profitable business enterprises.

Having received an economic education at Oxford University, he had made the first step in his professional course as an arbitrator in the brokerage firm F.M. Mayer during 1956-1959. After that, he was able to approach the prominent position at the Wertheim business concern during 1959-1963.

He had incorporated a financing facility with a capital of 4 million dollars out of a firm’s capital of 100 thousand dollars. Having accepted a significant profit over the three years of endeavor, he had become the head and co-owner of Double Eagle that later developed into the famous Quantum Group. By mid-1990, Quantum’s capital was 10 billion. Today, every dollar invested in this facility has turned into 5.5 thousand dollars.

The network of Soros funds covers more than 100 countries in Europe, Africa, Latin America, and the US. In 2006, he took the 27th place in the list of the wealthiest people in the United States. He is also the author of a large number of political opuses like The Alchemy of Finance (1988), The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror (2006), The Tragedy of the European Union: Disintegration or Revival? (2014) and more. His aptitude in marketing, vested interests, authorship and his keen eye on profit generating opportunities shows that there is no limit to ideas that generate prosperity.