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Gillian Anderson Net Worth is $25 Million



$25 million


$35 million



Gillian Anderson net worth

Nickname: Gillian Leigh Anderson

Date of birth: the 9th of August, 1968

Profession: actress

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television, movies

Gillian Anderson is an expressing actress, who owns $25 million net worth. The main part of that amount comes from Gillian’s salary for “The X-Files” series. This project made Gillian an A-List star and brought her 22 movie awards, among which are Emmy and Golden Globe.

Before Gillian had captured the hearts of all Americans, having portrayed FBI agent Dana Scully, she had to cope with many troubles. The girl was brought up in a rich American family. Her mother was a computer systems analyst and her father made his fortune as film post-production executive. Because of her father’s work, Anderson family had to travel a lot. The girl spent a lot of time in London and got there her European accent and English temperance.

When Gillian Anderson was a senior school pupil, her parents moved back to USA and the girl was sent to Grand Rapids High School, where she tried her hand as an actress for the first time. The girl portrayed passionate Juliet in Shakespeare’s play and that was the best memory about her school years.

To pursue career of an actress, Anderson left home and moved to Hollywood. She visited various auditions and earned her living, waiting tables in small restaurants and doing other kinds of low-paid jobs.

Her big break took place in 1993, when she was cast to “The X-Files” series. During 9 seasons the actress was a welcome guest in cozy homes all over the world.

Now Gillian Anderson is still a busy actress. Among her recent screen works are the roles in hit movies and TV series like “The Fall”, “A Streetcar Named Desire”, “The X-Files 2015” etc.

Although her main source of wealth is acting, Gillian earns cash like an author too. In 2014 she released her first book, named “A Vision Of Fire”.

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