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Glen Rice

Glen Rice Net Worth is $35 Million

How rich is Glen Rice?

Nickname: Glen Anthony Rice Sr; G Money

Date of birth: the 28th of May, 1967

Profession: an ex-NBA player

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: basketball

How Much is Glen Rice Worth?

The one-night interest of ex-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Glen Rice has a lot of other achievements too. He had made a wonderful career of a basketball forward and saved $35 million net worth.

Glen Rice played for College of Michigan before he was drafted by Miami Heat, then-young basketball team, sponsored by Ultimate Software.

Glen Rice is a retired basketball player

Glen used all his skills and talent to help his team win. And his efforts turned him back! In 1991-1992 season Miami Heat got 38 wins (which is 14 wins more than in the former season). Glen Rice was ranked as the best scorer of the team. After that his salary jumped up!

In 1995 Miami Heat new coach traded Glen Rice to Charlotte Hornets (located in a small town of North Carolina). Glen Rice was the main hope of team sponsors, and he justified their confidence.

Glen Rice played for various teams and got numerous awards

In 1996 Glen Rice was selected as the player of NBA All-Star game. The athlete’s earnings were gradually reaching the peak.

In early 2000s Rice joined Los Angeles Clippers. Then Glen Rice annual salary was close to $1 million. He earned even more, when signed the deal with Houston Rockets. Glen Rice was paid $8, 8 million per year.

Glen Rice biography facts

The NBA player performed for various teams during the years of his career. In 2004 he decided to retire after a severe knee injury.

Currently Glen Rice owns G-Force Fights Company, which arranges MMA events. It is his main source of wealth as for now. In his free time Glen Rice watches basketball career of his son, Glen Rice Jr.

Glen Rice Bio

Glen Anthony Rice was born in 1967 in Jacksonville, AR. Since earliest years he dreamed about becoming a professional basketball player.

Glen studied at Flint Northwestern High School and played for the school basketball team. Later Glen was honored as the best Flint School basketball player of all times.

Glen Rice career way

Having graduated from school, Rice entered the University of Michigan. He continued practicing basketball, and in 1989 won the title of NCAA Champion.

In early 1990s Glen Rice started to play basketball professionally.

Rice has become incredibly successful as an athlete, but he had lots of problems in his personal life. He was married to Cristina Fernandez, with whom he has 4 kids.
Glen discovered, that his wife cheated him with Zumba workouts creator Alberto Perez. He found the coach in his wife’s closet and started to beat him. As a result, Glen was arrested and had to pay $5, 000 bond to release from prison.

Glen Rice wife, who cheated him - Christy Fernandez

Except for his kids with Christina, Glen has a son Glen Rice Jr from his relationship to Tracey Starwood.

Currently he is married to Tia Santoro. She is the manager of her husband’s company Glen Rice Basketball. The couple tied a knot in 2016. They have a daughter Bella Rice.

Glen Rice House (Former)

Glen Rice house (former)

Nowadays Glen Rice prefers to stay in the shadow. That’s why he doesn’t publicize, where he lives now.

But the ex-basketball star demonstrated the pics of his condo, when he put it on sale. The two-bedroom residence is located in a tall firm building on the 27th floor. It was a comfortable place to live at in Neo Vertika building in Miami.

They say, Glen had to sell it for $310, 000, because he couldn’t pay the mortgage for the apartment. At first the athlete asked more than $400, 000 per the cozy flat, but he had to reduce the price to sell it faster. The ex-basketball star, whose income is much lower in comparison with his NBA salary, is rumored to have financial problems. He made a number of investments, which turned to be unprofitable.

Glen Rice wife Tia

But Glen Rice denies any gossips about his probable bankruptcy. He told, that he had decided to sell condo, just because he didn’t need it anymore. 

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