Grace Jones biography

Grace Jones Net Worth

$7 million

  • Real name / birth name Grace Beverly Jones OJ
  • Occupation singer, model
  • Source of Wealth modeling, music
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth May 19, 1948
  • Age 73
  • Zodiac sign Taurus
  • Birth place Spanish Town, Jamaica
Sources 2018 $7 million $7 million $7 million

$7 million


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How Much is Grace Jones Worth?

The famous Jamaican actress and model Grace Jones has an extensive resume. She has started from scratch and made a really successful career. As a result, she saved $7 million net worth.

At first the source of Grace Jones’ wealth was modeling. The lover of night life, Grace was occasionally discovered by Antonio Lopez, the famous person in fashion world. Then she danced and relaxed with her friends at a nightclub in NY.

Grace, who had perfectly fit body and unforgettable face, easily climbed the fashion Olympus. She was photographed for the most popular magazines in the world, such as “Elle”, “Vogue” and many others.

When Jones’ career of a model was close to an end, Grace opened a new page in her professional life. She tried her hand as a singer.

In early 1970s Grace managed to sign the music deal with Island Records. After that she released her first album “Portfolio”, but it enjoyed modest success.

Grace Jones’ big break in music took place in 1981, when she presented the album “Nightclubbing”.

Alongside singing, Grace tried acting too. Thus she earned some part of her wealth through occasional performance in the movies. One of her brightest roles was in “Conan the Destroyer”, where she acted opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger. They say Grace and Arnold hated each other then. Arnie called her “too tough”.

Grace Jones Bio and Career

The extravagant entertainer Grace Jones was born in Jamaica, but grew up in New York. Her parents had 7 children. Grace’s father served as a clergyman, and Jones told in her interviews, that in her early years she spent long evenings, reading Bible.

Grace was tall and skinny in her teens, and her classmates teased her. The girl had never considered herself as a beauty, but everything had changed, when she was discovered by fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez at one of NY night clubs.


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