Greg Norman

Greg Norman Net Worth is $300 Million



$300 million


$300 million


$680 million


Greg Norman net worth

Nickname: Gregory John Norman, Shark

Date of birth: the 10th of February, 1955

Profession: golfer, designer, businessman

Nationality: Australia

Source of wealth: golf, business

Greg Norman, the owner of $300 million fortune, makes his money in different ways. Now he is mostly busy in design business. Having retired from professional golf, Greg founded Great White Shark Enterprises, which specialized in real estate and golf course design. In 2015 Norman sold his company and although it is not known exactly, what amount he had won from this deal, no doubt, it was lucrative. They say, each time, when Greg created golf course or house design, he put $1, 5 million into his pocket. In spite of the fact, Norman is a successful businessman, for people all over the world he always remains the famous golfer from Australia.

As a golfer, Greg Norman was included into Forbes list of highest paid athletes in the world numerous times. In 2014 he occupied the 3rd position in the list. It seems that money sticks to his hands.

Gregory John Norman was born in Queensland, Australia. He was keen on sports from his primary school years, but preferred rugby and football. It was his mother, Toini, who inspired the boy to play golf. At first he was a cuddy for his mom and then started to play himself. When Greg Norman was 20, his talent was noticed by a popular golfer Billy McWilliam. Norman was his cuddy as well till finally started to play golf professionally at the age of 21.

During the years of his career Norman won numerous honors. He can boast with 90 pro victories and with his own star in Golf Hall of Fame. In 1995 he was called the Player of the Year.

Greg Norman has retired from professional sports, but still he remains a money making machine. He can’t just sit around.

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