Harris Faulkner Husband and Harris Faulkner Kids: “I wanted to leave, especially when I was judged in front of my kids!”

Harris Faulkner Husband

It’s good, when the woman is beautiful, but it’s even better, when she is beautiful and smart at the same time. Harris Faulkner belongs to the second type. Currently she is a TV host at Fox News Channel. Harris co-hosts the TV program “Outnumbered” and in addition opened her own program “Outnumbered Overtime” in 2017.

Harris Faulkner husband and Harris Faulkner kids

Harris joins active career with calm family life. She is a wife and a mother. Many people ask her, if it is possible to be a public person and a good mother at the same time. She answered, that she wanted to leave once, when the sex scandal broke out at Fox Channel, and people judged her in front of her kids. But she didn’t leave and later didn’t regret about her decision.

Since 2003 she is married to Tony Berlin and they bring up two kids together. Harris Faulkner family members are our heroes today.

Harris Faulkner Husband Tony Berlin

Tony Berlin, Harris Faulkner Husband

They say two strong famous people can’t become a couple. It sounds reasonable, because two stars are always too busy with their careers and don’t have enough time to care about their home. But in case of Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin this rule didn’t work. Both are rich, both are beautiful, both are media sensations.

Tony Berlin gained recognition due to his work of a TV reporter. He hosted one of the most watchable American shows “Good Morning America”. During his years in media business he had a chance to cooperate with such reputable net works as CBS, ABC, CNN and others.

Harris Faulkner and her husband Tony Berlin

Tony Berlin doesn’t serve as a host nowadays, because he gives all his time and energy to another activity – he is the President of Berlin Media Relation.

Harris Faulkner Husband Childhood and Career

Tony Berlin was born in 1968 and he is three years younger than his beautiful wife Harris Faulkner. Tony grew up in Los Angeles, CA alongside his sister. Both were raised by a single mother, because their father left the family, when Berlin was in a kindergarten age.

Tony Berlin was brought up by a single mother

Tony Berlin visited a local school, where he got a reputation of a talented and hard-working student. After school he decided to continue his education and entered the Poynter Institute, where he studied policy and later the young man transferred to Occidental College to get a degree in journalism.

Berlin started his career as an intern at PBS channel. He joined that work with studying at a prestigious Graduate School of Communication at American University.

Tony’s finest hour came, when he won a job at “Good Morning America”, a popular show, which is known widely both, in USA and abroad. In 1995 he transferred to WCCO-TV and served as its reporter.

Nowadays Tony Berlin is CEO and President of BMR.

Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin Meeting

Tony Berlin and Harris Faulkner wedding

Tony Berlin worked as Good Morning America host, when he met Harris Faulkner. Two bright media stars now, in late 1990s they were just two young people with great ambitions, who planned to make enviable careers. Tony and Harris met at a Karaoke Bar in Minneapolis. They liked each other, but none of them tried to develop their relationship. During long 8 months they didn’t see each other, but their love had already been born and when they met for the second time, both felt that they had to move further.

They dated for several years and then tied a knot in 2003. Since then Harris and Tony is not just a strong couple. They are also parents of two sweet girls.

Harris Faulkner Kids

The Emmy winning TV host Harris Faulkner has become a mother for the first time in 2007. She welcomed a daughter Bella Berlin. Three years later Harris gave a birth to another daughter, Danika Berlin.

Tony Berlin and Harris Faulkner kids

The famous TV host and her husband Tony Berlin understand how important it is to take their daughters out of the limelight. They try to give girls a normal childhood.

Harris Faulkner understands that her work of a mother is not less important than her work at Fox News. “I like to spend time with my daughters. Every Saturday morning we get up and cook breakfast together. After that we eat it and share our plans for weekend”. Of course, sometimes Harris is busy at work for weekends too, but Saturday morning always belongs to her daughters.

If Harris is free, they go to the park in the suburb of New Jersey. The mother and two girls climb the ladders together – thus, Harris joins workout and family time with kids.

Harris Faulkner husband Tony Berlin with his famous wife

Harris Faulkner is not just a celebrity; she is also a woman with strong family roots. “When you are a mother, a wife and a businesswoman, it’s hard to balance it all. And very often you neglect your partner or kids. But it’s important to keep them on the first place!” the anchor says. 

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