Heather Locklear biography

Heather Locklear Net Worth

$25 million

  • Real name / birth name Heather Deen Locklear
  • Occupation Los Angeles, California, California
  • Source of Wealth television, movies, modeling
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth September 25, 1961
  • Age 61
  • Zodiac sign Libra
  • Birth place Los Angeles, California, United States
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$25 million


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How Much is Heather Locklear Worth?

Long blond locks, a dazzling smile and radiant blue eyes – this is how Heather Locklear is remembered. Although more and more often journalists write that “Heather Locklear lost her beauty with age”, at least she still remains rich. The net worth of the actress and model is estimated at $25 million. How could she save this amount?

Most part of Locklear wealth comes from her work as TV and movie actress. She managed to become one of the brightest TV stars of 1980-90s. The beauty starred in 2 popular series at the same time. She rose to fame as Sammy from “Dynasty” and as Stacy from “T.J. Hooker” and managed to become the star of both projects.

Later Heather won the leading role in one of the most popular TV shows of 1990-s “Melrose Place”. She portrayed a shrewd business lady Amanda Woodward and earned a solid salary per each episode.

Heather Locklear Salary for “Melrose Place” (estimated by TheRichest):

1992 $100, 000 per episode

Heather’s income increased after getting the first Golden Globe nomination, which she earned for her play in “MP”. In general she can boast with 6 Golden Globe nominations (four of them she got for “MP” and two others for the sitcom “Spin City”)

Having become the queen of television, Locklear moved her path to the big screen. She starred in “The Perfect Man”, where she acted opposite Sex and the City star Chris Noth, and in “Uptown Girls”, where she portrayed Dakota Fanning’s screen mother.

Heather Locklear is a very beautiful woman, and she managed to monetize her attractive appearance. She served as a spokesperson of Faberge Organics in late 80-s and made a lot from this deal. She advertised a Holiday Spa and L’Oreal as well.

Everyone knows that Locklear is perfectly fit. To share the secrets of her ideal body, she recorded DVD with her workout video, which is sold all over the world and brings the woman lots of money.

Heather Locklear is keeping earning a lot till now. But what is her success story?

Heather Locklear Bio and Career

Heather Locklear was born in an affluent family. Her mother served at Disney as a production executive and her father was an administrator at University of California. Heather dreamed to become a fashion model, but she is of 165 cm tall, so she could work just as a photo model.

Having appeared in a number of adds, she left her studying at University of California and decided to become an actress. She won the small role in crime series “CHiPs” and then played in an episode of “The Love Boat”.

Heather Locklear’s big break was her role in “Dynasty”. By the way, 55-year-old actress has a busy schedule till now. Recently she has won the role in “Too Close to Home”.

Heather Locklear resembles a princess from fairy-tale. But how does her palace look like?


Some Hollywood stars know, how to reach the career peak. But they don’t know how to enjoy their staying on top. Heather Locklear, surely, is aware of it. The petite Hollywood princess, she lives in a luxurious house. It looks like a palace and consists of several bedrooms and a beautiful living room. Heather is, probably, the lover of Louis XV era, as most part of her furniture belongs to that epoch. The actress lives around tapestry, antique statuettes and velvet sofas. She looks so natural among so beautiful and luxurious things. Heather’s home is situated in Thousand Oaks, California. It is surrounded by neat bushes, which are cut in a round shape. There’s a swimming pool in the yard, where Locklear can swim on a hot summer day.

Heather Locklear is the happy owner of Porsche 911. The actress is rumored to pay about $86, 000 per it. The car is of beautiful silver color, it has 2 doors and super powerful engine. It is not known, why Heather prefers this sports car to all the other vehicles. Probably, she is the lover of high speed. Otherwise, she is fond of smooth lines of car’s body.

As you see, Heather Locklear lives a beautiful life, which she deserves.


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