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Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum Net Worth is $90 Million



$70 million


$90 million



Heidi Klum net worth

Nickname: The Body

Date of birth: the 1st of June, 1973

Profession: model, TV personality

Nationality: Germany

Source of wealth: modeling, television

Heidi Klum is a graceful slender woman, whose face is known to everybody. She is not just a very beautiful German lady, a mother of four children and a famous model, but also a well-heeled person with a net worth of $90 million. How did Heidi manage to earn such a big wealth?

Most part of her net worth comes from Klum’s modeling. She used to be one of the most recognizable personalities in fashion industry and endorsed the richest brands in the world like H&M, Volkswagen, Nike and many others. Probably, the most profitable deal in Heidi’s career is her contract with Victoria’s Secret brand. She had modeled for VS during 13 years and it brought Heidi international fame and lots of money.

Now, when Heidi’s career of a supermodel is over, she continues to earn $19 million annually (estimated by Celebritynetworth). Now Heidi is a well known TV personality and she runs really successful projects. Thus she is a judge of the TV show “Project Runaway”, makes her own show in Germany, called “Next Top Model”, and it has the highest ratings. Besides she had a contract with Lifetime channel for production of the show “Seriously Funny Kids”.

Being a multi-talented person, Heidi tries her hand as a designer and it brings her a solid income too. Thus she created an apparel line for New Balance Company, which was sold on Amazon.

So, now Heidi Klum shouldn’t care about money – she has enough of it. She couldn’t even dream to have such a big salary, when she started her career of a model at the age of 18. Klum’s big break was in 1998, when she appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine. 

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