Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag Net Worth is $100, 000



$100, 000


$20, 000



Heidi Montag net worth

Nickname: Heidi Blair Montag, Heidi Blair Pratt

Date of birth: the 5th of September, 1986

Profession: TV personality, musician

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television

If you think, that each celebrity earns millions of dollars every day, you are wrong. Among the most favorite and most popular stars there are quite poor people too. Thus Heidi Montag is the owner of just $100, 000 net worth. The other source estimates Montag’s money savings as just $20, 000.

Heidi Montag got international recognition after her appearance in a popular reality show “The Hills”. Before that “winning ticket”, Heidi was a student of Design & Merchandising Institute. There she met her future colleague and husband Spencer Pratt.

Soon a pretty blonde Heidi got an opportunity to work at Bolthouse Productions, so the girl left her studying. In 2006 together with her institute friend Pratt the young woman was casted to “The Hills”. In 2009 Spencer and Heidi got married. The reality show “The Hills” had become incredibly popular and Heidi Montag earned a lot. They say the couple managed to save at least $10 million fortune (estimated by Celebritynetworth), but now Montag is poor as a church mouse. It happened because Montag and her loved one paid for a dead horse and thus lost their wealth.

They bought incredibly rich clothes, hired private jets and wasted money for vacations. Heidi Montag spent at least $30, 000 for plastic surgery (estimated by Justrichest)

Now the Hills stars try to save money again. Heidi Montag tried her hand as a singer. She had already released her debut album “Superficial” in 2010. Unfortunately, her singing attempts were not very successful.

Now Heidi continues to earn money as a TV personality. She starred in the shows like “Famous Food”, “Celebrity Big Brother” and some others. Hopefully, she will become richer soon!

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