How Much is Hillary Clinton Worth?

Hillary Clinton is an American significant politician, reputable lawyer and talented author who has a net worth of $45 million. In 2016 Mrs. Clinton struggles for the honor to become the next President of USA. Hillary Clinton earned her money as the 67th Secretary of State and her salary then was $186,600. Hillary is also a well known Senator, who was elected in 2000.

Politics is the main source of Hillary’s net worth, but not the only one. She makes millions due to her book deals, consultations and speaking gigs.  She is the author of such books as “Hard Choices”, “Living History” and others, which are sold successfully all over the world.

Hillary got great education. She studied at Maine East High School and was a brilliant student there. After that she attended Wellesley College, where got Bachelor of Science and Arts. Later Hillary was educated at Yale University, where she got Doctor of Jurisprudence degree.

At first Mrs. Clinton devoted all her energy to her family life and was a great housewife and a supportive wife of then-President Bill Clinton. But after leaving the White House, Hillary decided to make her own career in policy, which is unique for the First Lady. Now she struggles for the Presidency.