How to Earn Money on Instagram??? If You Need Some Extra $$$, Then Continue Reading!

How to earn money on Instagram

Hi, my dear readers! PiNetworth is the site, which tells you about the richest people in the world. We do it not just to entertain you, but also to motivate you! If you think, that if you were not born rich, then you have no hope to become one of these beautiful healthy people, who easily spend millions of dollars for brand cars, luxurious mansions, perfume and clothes from the most reputable brands, you are not right! We create and build our life with our thoughts, actions and efforts. And we are sure, you deserve all that fame and money, like celebs have. So, start building your fate immediately!

Celebs earn thousands of dollars through Instagram

We have told about teenagers, who easily make thousands of dollars per month in their13-17 years old. And these kids are not going to stop! Claire Abbott, Danielle Cohn, Zach Herron have already understood, that Instagram is the eighth wonder of world. If you want to know, how to earn $2, 000 monthly from Instagram, then continue reading!

What Do You Need To Start Earning From Instagram?

Tips to start earning through Instagram

Do you check Instagram often? Do you check it every week, every day or every hour? Or don’t you have an Instagram account at all? That doesn’t matter! After reading this article you’ll never visit Instagram again. You won’t need it… You won’t need to visit Instagram as an ordinary user, because you’ll visit it as a businessman, who gets income from it.

So, what do you need to earn from Instagram?

1) Account

How to create an interesting account in Instagram?

Obviously, to start earning from Instagram, you need an account. Of course, you may have accounts in other social networks, such as FaceBook, Google+, Russian social network vkontakte etc. But why do we recommend starting your online business from Instagram? Because millions of followers are waiting for your business offers there!

Let’s count a little:

1) In October, 2010 Instagram was launched. At first it was supposed for iOS system users only.

2) The app has become popular immediately. During the first month it was uploaded by more than 1 million followers.

3) As for now, more than 200 million users check Instagram accounts every day

4) About 25% of young people worldwide consider Instagram as the best social platform in the world

5) Just 5% of Instagram users have more than 100 pics. That’s the evidence that Instagram is just developing. You won’t meet competitors on your way on top!

Facts on Instagram app

So, the first thing you should do to start earning from Instagram is to create your account!

2) Followers

The next thing you need to become an Instagram star and to monetize your popularity is to create a large fan base. That means, you should have a lot of active followers. How many followers do you need to start earning? The answer is the obvious, the more fans you gain the better it is.

To get the first small income from Instagram, you should have at least 100 subscribers. To get an income about $1,000 it’s necessary to have about 1k users. To earn $20, 000 and more from Instagram on a monthly basis you can if you have about 100k followers and more.

But what do you need to do to get more followers at Instagram?

How to Get At Least 1K Followers at Instagram?

How to get 1K followers on Instagram

The first thing you need to do to attract more than 1K followers is to create an interesting profile. Choose attractive, beautiful profile picture. To create the right view is the main secret of your success, Francis Ford Coppola used to say. Create the view, which most of people will like!

Then you should optimize your profile. First of all, think about the theme of your account. You have created your profile, but what’s your aim? Do you want to share some important information with your followers? Do you want to discuss some important social problem? Or do you just want to entertain your users?

In any case, to create an interesting account, which will catch an eye of your probable followers, you should follow these simple rules:

1) Be bright

How to become an Instagram star (Secret One)

People check in Instagram immediately after getting up, otherwise they may entertain being on a trip or waiting for something in a queue. In any case, they are bored and need something bright in their life. So, if such users have visited your account, show them optimistic and bright info!

2) Be active

Why is it necessary to be active on Instagram?

Probably, you have many other things to do in your life – to date your BF, to work, to study etc. But if you are really interested to make cash from Instagram, be active! Add new posts and pics every day or even several times per day! The more news you have, the more people will be attracted to your page.

3) Be laconic

Be laconic on Instagram! Secrets steps to stardom

If you have some interesting information to share (eating plan, news from your life or recommendations), you should be laconic and persuading, while sharing it. People are looking for answers, and they have no time to read several pages of your personal thoughts. If you have some superficial or untrue facts, the followers will leave as soon as they understand it.

In addition to interesting and exciting profile, you should be active as a follower too. Spend some time to find people, who share your interests. Comment their pics, follow their profile. Obviously, you’ll find some friends, who will follow you in turn!

We have some more ideas, how to create a large fan base in Instagram, but we’ll share in our next posts.

Three Concrete Ideas How to Earn from Instagram

There are lots of ways to earn through Instagram. We will discuss all of them in detail, so check our upcoming posts. Today let’s look through three main ways to earn through Instagram.

1) Launch your blog

Instagram star Julie Sarinana

You are not right, if you think, that to start your own blog, you should be a celebrity or at least a very rich person. Have a look at Julie Sarinana Instagram page. She is an ordinary person, like you and me, who has already earned $800, 000 net worth, doing almost nothing.

Julie runs her own blog in Instagram. In 2009 she started the blog “Sincerely Jules”, where she told her followers about her daily life, fashion ideas, traveling etc. As for now, she has more than 2, 5 million followers. Besides, the girl was invited to pose for Elle.

The young beauty has lots of offers from famous reputable brands, which beg Julia to post their ads on her account. She earns about $1,000 for simply posting a pic with some product in her hands on her page. In addition, Sarinana opened an online shop, which is really successful as for now.

Julie Sarinana is an Instagram fashion blogger

So, Instagram for Julie is not just the way to entertain. It is the source of her income. And she managed to become rich due to Instagram!

2) Sell you products

An Instagram star Jason Stein

If you have any kind of product – handmade goods, master classes, art works etc, Instagram is the platform, where you can find clients. Jason Stein is the young entrepreneur, which was mentioned in Forbes in its 30 under 30 millionaire list. His net worth is estimated at $1, 2 million. The young entrepreneur started his own business in 2011. He offers his Laundry Service through Instagram, and it makes him really rich!

Jason Stein endorses his company through Instagram

If you have any service to sell, Instagram is that place you should start from. Are you a singer? Then post your songs here. If you can cook, post the most interesting of your recipes. If you have some interesting lessons to share, than offer the online course through Instagram.

The separate topic for conversation is people, who can create unique products with their own hands.

3) Sell your handmade things

Craftsposure supports young handmade masters on Instagram

Handmade business is quite profitable too. Have you known that the stars Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher bought their wedding rings from unknown handmade master through Etsy?

So, if you can create some unusual jewelry, decorations, clothes, accessories etc, than use Instagram to advertise your products and sell them. Craftsposure is the handmade community, which can boast with more than 300,000 followers. They sell various handmade tings (usually, they are made by skilful masters, which sell their goods through this service). It’s not publicized, how much cash the community owners make from Instagram, but no doubt, this amount is not less than $20, 000.

Earn money on Instagram selling handmade products

There are at least three other ways to earn through Instagram. We’ll tell a little later about it. In any case, you must be sure, there are lots of way to monetize your talent.

It's not hard to earn on Instagram

We wish you to become one of self-made people, who have built their own brands and became rich and popular. Probably, you’ll become the next hero of our “Self-Made Celebs” publications!

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