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Hugh Hefner Net Worth

$45 million

  • Real name / birth name Hugh Marston Hefner
  • Occupation journalist, publisher, businessman
  • Source of Wealth Playboy Enterprises Inc
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth April 9, 1926
  • Age 96
  • Zodiac sign Aries
  • Birth place Chicago, Illinois, United States
Sources 2018 $45 million $45 million

$45 million


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How Much is Hugh Hefner Worth?

He has already become a North American legend. Men all over the world envy his personal and financial success and some women dream to stay for a while in his famous mansion. He has always got what he wanted – lots of cash, the most beautiful women, the fastest cars. Now he is 91, but he is not going to stop.

Hugh Hefner net worth is estimated as $50 million. Most part of his wealth comes from Playboy Enterprises Inc, a global media and lifestyle conglomerate. Hugh Hefner is the founder of this legendary label, which had a strong impact on North American and world culture. Although many people condemned Hugh Hefner and his brain child – Playboy magazine – nevertheless his strength is undeniable.

To calculate Hugh Hefner current earnings, let’s have a look at his salary.

Hugh Hefner Earnings per year (estimated by Celebritynetworth and Therichest):

2009 $3, 5 million
2013 $3 million

Hugh Hefner’s annual salary consists from Playboy magazine income, his profit from dividends, rental payments, pension etc. Such a solid income is an incredible thing for any 91 year old person, but not for Hugh Hefner. The father of sexual revolution owned $200 million net worth in 2008. But world economic crisis and the fact that Playboy magazine lost its popularity influenced Hugh Hefner’s wealth and he lost the major part of his money. After that the multi millionaire sold 80% of Playboy stock to Rizvi Traverse and Acquisition Holdings. The public company Playboy turned into a private one. Hugh Hefner’s net worth decreased to $50 million. Nevertheless Hef still remembers the golden era of his brand.

Hugh Hefner Bio and Career

It is hard to believe now, but Hugh Hefner grew up in a strict conservative environment. His parents made their fortune as teachers, and they cared about their son’s piety. Hugh was not allowed to participate in his classmates’ parties; he couldn’t go to the cinema and read books, which were not included into school plan.

And during many years Hugh Hefner’s life was too reasonable. He entered the University, married his school sweetheart and then found a job of a copywriter in Esquire magazine. Everything had changed, when he was fired. Hugh asked his boss to increase his salary for $5, and when he was refused, Hugh left his job and borrowed $8, 000 to start his own magazine.

Hef founded the legendary magazine in 1953. Playboy gained international popularity, when half-naked Marilyn Monroe appeared on its cover.

In 1970-s Playboy turned from a male magazine into a global brand, which offered to its clients movies, books, the line of lifestyle products and numerous night clubs (the general number of clubs was 40), which were situated all over the world. At Hugh Hefner’s clubs men could relax after a long day. They were served by sexual waitresses, who had worn bunny’s ears.

Hugh Hefner has become a well known rake and moneybag. But in 1990 the popularity of Playboy Empire tarnished. The new magazine of that kind – Maxim – and lots of Internet issues displaced the famous magazine from its peak position. In 2009 Playboy stock cost a nuisance and Hugh Hefner decided to sell it. But what is about the well-known mansion?

Hugh Hefner could turn everything into an expensive brand. That’s why his former house, situated in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles has also become a source of his wealth and popularity. Hugh turned his home into a famous venue, full of blond young beauties. His lavish parties were publicized through the TV program “Playboy’s Penthouse”, which brought Hugh Hefner a couple of extra millions. His mansions featured in a number of popular movies and TV series. Thus Hugh Hefner showed his legendary house in the episode of “Sex and the City”. Besides the mansion was demonstrated in a documentary film “Playboy: Inside the Playboy Mansion”.

In 2016 the mansion was sold to Daren Metropoulos for $100 million. Hugh Hefner was allowed to stay.

The lover of blondes, big boobs and cash, Hugh Hefner chose the right car for himself. He drives a white 1955 Cadillac Series 62. The massive vintage car is the ideal choice for Hef, the well known fan of classical eternal beauty and luxury.

Hugh Hefner has already turned 91. It is not known, if the famous journalist and businessman is content with his life. But no doubt, he got lots of opportunities to enjoy his life and used them all!


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