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Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman Net Worth is $150 Million



$100 million


$150 million



Hugh Jackman net worth

Nickname: Hugh Michael Jackman

Date of birth: the 12th of October, 1968

Profession: actor

Nationality: Australia

Source of wealth: movies

Hugh Jackman Earnings by Year

(Estimated by Therichest)


$55 million


$18 million


Hugh Jackman is an internationally popular Australian actor, who has a chiseled body and $150 million net worth. Some people think that it is an incredible amount, but not for Jackman, who can boast with numerous talents.

He is an insightful actor, talented dancer and passionate singer. These skills helped Jackman, when he hosted the 81st Academy Award ceremony. Although his work of TV host added a couple of extra millions to his bank account, still most part of Hugh Jackman fortune comes from X-Men series, where he plays The Wolverine.

According to Forbes, Fox consider the idea to replace Hugh and appoint some other actor to portray Wolverine, but still no other man seems to be suitable, so Jackman enjoys his fame and wealth.

By the way, the actor, who is mostly associated with Logan, can boast with other hit movies, where he demonstrated the talented play. He got Golden Globe for portraying Jean Valjean in “Les Misérables”. His other significant screen works are in movies “Kate & Leopold”, “Van Helsing”, “The Prestige” etc.

Hugh Jackman is a role model for many teenagers, who dream to become successful and reach heights in their business. In fact, Jackman’s childhood was not so happy, his parents got divorced and his mother lived in England, while Hugh with his father and siblings lived in Australia.

Hugh liked Friday the 13th films and it inspired him to become an actor. Although he studied journalism in the University, he made his first money, being a clown at children’s parties.

His talent was noticed by TV producers, when he got the role in “Neighbors”, Australian soap opera. His big break was in 2000, when he won the role of Logan in “X-Men”. This role made him a multimillionaire. 

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