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Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie Net Worth is $40 Million



$20 million


$40 million



Hugh Laurie net worth

Nickname: James Hugh Calum Laurie, Mr. Hugh Laurie

Date of birth: the 11th of June, 1959

Profession: actor, musician, writer, sportsman

Nationality: United Kingdom

Source of wealth: television, music

Hugh Laurie is a multi-talented English actor, who owns a net worth of $40 million. In fact the star himself had never publicized his earnings and it is not known exactly, what amount he had already saved, that’s why its number varies according to the source. But it is known for sure that he earned $700, 000 per each episode of cult series “House”, which made him internationally popular (estimated by Celebritynetworth).

The son of 1948 Olympic Gold Medalist, Hugh Laurie grew up in a prosperous famous family. He got brilliant education and studied at prestigious Eton College and then entered Cambridge University. Hugh Laurie got bachelor degree in Archeology.

Like his famous father, Hugh was a talented sportsman too. He got international recognition as an oarsman and even won the champion title, but then got ill. He had mononucleosis and it stopped his career in sport, but while recovering from that terrible disease, Hugh got interested in acting.

He got his first salary as an actor in 1975, when participated in a short film “Who Sold You This, Then?” Then Laurie got the star status and made his net worth several million bigger after portraying Bertie Wooster in the series “Jeeves and Wooster”. And finally he met his finest hour, when got the main role in drama series “House”.

Hugh Laurie has earned the most part of his net worth as a TV star. But he also got an impressive salary for endorsing L’Oreal and for selling his album “Let Them Talk”, which topped the billboards in 2011.

Hugh Laurie is not known like a writer of bestsellers, but he tried his hand in this area too and in 1996 he released his first book “The Gun Seller”.

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