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Ian Ziering

Ian Ziering Net Worth is $8 Million

Ian Ziering net worth

Nickname: Ian Andrew Ziering

Date of birth: the 30th of March, 1964

Profession: actor, producer, film director

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: television

How Much is Ian Ziering Worth?

The famous American actor Ian Ziering is known to fans of “Beverly Hills, 90210” as a curvy blond student Steve Sanders. Ian devoted the most part of his life to acting, which brought him $8 million net worth. Probably, Ziering’s wealth is not so big, at least by Hollywood standards.

The most part of Ian Ziering wealth comes from his work in Aaron Spelling TV series. He acted as Steve during long 10 years. Now Ziering positively speaks about his hero, “I think, Steve was a great guy. He was so rich and spoiled in his youth, but later had become a loving husband and successful businessman”. Till now Ian Ziering keeps in touch with his Beverly Hills co-stars Luc Perry and Jason Priestley.

Ian Ziering, Luke Perry and Jason Priestley in "Beverly Hills"

When the project came to an end, Ian Ziering continued to accumulate his net worth, working as an actor and producer. His other significant screen work was the role of Fin in the epical TV film “Sharknado”, where his salary was $50, 000.

Ziering’s alternative source of wealth is participating in various kinds of TV shows. He made appearances in The Wendy Williams Show and The Apprentice. In addition he danced alongside Cheryl Burke in “Dancing with the Stars”, which brought him the fourth place.

Ian Ziering’s Way On Top

The future Steve Sanders was born in a typical American family in Newark, New Jersey. His father was an educator and mother earned her living as a musician.

Ian dreamed about acting since his early years. He earned the first salary in his teens, having appeared in TV commercials. The actor debuted alongside Brooke Shields in “Endless Love”. His big break was the role of Steve Sanders in “Beverly Hills, 90210”. Later the actor appeared in “No Way Back”, “Love Boat: The Next Wave”, “Godzilla: The Series” etc.

How rich is Ian Ziering?

The actor Ian Ziering is married a nurse Erin Kristine Ludwig. The couple brings up 2 daughters. 

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