Ice Cube

Ice Cube Net Worth is $140 Million



$120 million


$140 million


$140 million


Ice Cube net worth

Nickname: O'Shea Jackson

Date of birth: the 15th of June, 1969

Profession: rapper, actor, filmmaker, producer

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: music, movies

The fans know him as James Payton from “Ride Along” and Captain Dickson from “21 Jump Street”. He is a talented actor, successful television and film producer and a rapper, who has already released 10 studio albums. His net worth is estimated as $140 million.

His success seems unusual for many people, who watched his career. He comes from a middle class family and his parents have nothing in common with music. Ice Cube’s real name is O'Shea Jackson. He fell in love with rap in his teens, when a tragedy happened in his family.

Ice Cube’s elder sister was killed by her boyfriend. O'Shea was impressed by the incident and started to write violent sharp texts. Later he became popular due to such hot words, which he was not afraid to tell from the stage. Most part of his texts is politically motivated.

Ice Cube started his career as N.W.A. band member. In 1989 he decided to become a solo rapper. At first Ice Cube accumulated his net worth as a well sold musician. Later he tried his hand as a producer too. He produced several TV series like “Showtime” and “Barbershop”, which brought him some profit.

Ice Cube appeared in several movie hits as an actor. He played in “Boyz n the Hood”, “Three Kings”, “xXx: State of the Union” and many others.

Although Ice Cube’s main sources of wealth are music and filmmaking, he has another kind of income too. He tried his hand as a fashion designer and created Solo by Cube clothing line. He also endorsed several brands including but not limited to Coors Light Beer.

Supported by Dr. Dre at the beginning of his career, now Ice Cube stands on his own two feet.


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