Ireland Baldwin biography

Ireland Baldwin Net Worth

$1 million

  • Real name / birth name Ireland Eliesse Baldwin
  • Occupation model, actress
  • Source of Wealth modeling
  • Country of wealth USA
  • Date of birth October 23, 1995
  • Age 27
  • Zodiac sign Libra
  • Birth place Los Angeles, California, United States
Sources 2018 $1 million $1 million

$1 million


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0 Bitcoin

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How Much is Ireland Baldwin Worth?

It is really interesting to follow personal life and career of the favorite celebrity – especially if the celebrity is young and charismatic, just like Ireland Baldwin. The daughter of famous parents – an actress Kim Basinger and an actor Alec Baldwin – Ireland has already earned her own wealth. She owns $1 million net worth, which she made through modeling.

It is not fair to tell, that Ireland was born to be rich and her career is just attempts to keep herself busy. Ireland Baldwin has already become a star of her generation – she has more than 300, 000 followers in Instagram. Alongside modeling, Ireland has already made a debut as an actress, so probably, she will discover another source of wealth soon.

Ireland Baldwin was born to become a model. She has perfect body measurements and is 6 ft 2 tall. In 2013 she was signed by IMG agency and soon appeared in New York Post’s swimwear ads.

The beauty Ireland Baldwin has already decorated the pages of numerous fashion issues, such as “Vanity Fair”, “Elle”, “Marie Claire” and some others.

Ireland’s parents are celebrated Hollywood actors. No wonder, that their daughter tried her hand in this profession too. Ireland played a small role in the sport comedy “Grudge Match”, where she met at a film set A-list stars Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone. Ireland portrayed the young version of Sally. By the way, the older version of this heroine was depicted by Baldwin’s mother Kim Basinger.

So, Ireland Baldwin has already become financially independent from her rich parents. But how did she start her career?

Ireland Baldwin Bio and Career

Many people think, that Ireland’s way on top was incredibly short – actually, she has already appeared on top on the 23rd of October, 1995 – the day, when she was born in a family of two actors. But her story is not so simple as you may think. Kim and Alec welcomed their only daughter several months before Kim’s 42nd birthday. Basinger, who was known by her fussiness, got almost crazy on her baby. Ireland was born through cesarean section – because of her mother’s age. Alec Baldwin was really happy to welcome his child. At the same time he got tired from Kim’s depression and his constant confrontation with paparazzi, who tried to make photos of small Ireland. Kim and Alec quarreled all the time. Finally, Kim took their daughter and left the mansion, which Baldwin bought just after the birth of his daughter.

Kim Basinger didn’t want Ireland to communicate with her father. Alec Baldwin and his ex-wife started a long court battle. They tried to keep Ireland aside their conflict, but the girl couldn’t ignore it. When she was 11 years old, her father left her famous voicemail, where he assaulted his daughter and ex-wife. Later Baldwin apologized in public, and Ireland forgave him. “I am much closer to my father than anyone can think”, she told.

Her father’s angry mail made Ireland Baldwin internationally popular. The girl finally came out of her parents’ shadow and felt the taste of fame. In 2013 she came into limelight again – as a model. Although Ireland was criticized for her “too heavy” for a model body, she didn’t pay attention to it and continued to work hard. Thus Ireland Baldwin earned enough money to move from her mother’s house.


Having celebrated her 18th birthday, Ireland moved to a separate apartment. The young star doesn’t own a house yet, but she rents a great cozy flat not far from the beach. Ireland, who is a great fan of surfing, hired an apartment in LA.

She pays $3, 200 per month for 2-bedroom residence, which is situated near the beach. Thus Ireland takes a swim regularly – she is a great supporter of healthy lifestyle.

The model owns a great vehicle too. A massive Range Rover is a strange choice for the young lady, but Ireland doesn’t care – she enjoys the fast ride in her car.


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