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Ivan Rodriguez

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Ivan Rodriguez

Ivan Rodriguez Net Worth is $65 Million

How rich is Ivan Rodriguez?

Nicknames: Iván Rodríguez Torres, Pudge

Date of birth: the 27th of November, 1971

Profession: baseball player

Nationality: Puerto Rico

Source of wealth: baseball

How Much is Ivan Rodriguez Worth?

Ivan Rodriguez is a celebrated baseball catcher

The former baseball player, Ivan Rodriguez is the holder of numerous awards, including Gold Glove Award, Silver Slugger Award etc. It’s not surprise that Ivan Rodriguez saved $65 million net worth.

He met his big break in 1991, when he debuted in Major League Baseball as the member of Texas Rangers. From that moment he was climbing the success ladder non-stop.

Ivan Rodriguez net worth and career

Ivan Rodrigues soon has become one of the highest-paid players in the team. No wonder, because he played better than many others before him and after him. He debuted with Texas Rangers at the tender age of 19, which made him the youngest MLB player of the year. His style of playing immediately made him a sensation – the young athlete, who was skilful in throwing out possible base-stealers and who hit perfectly, attracted the viewers, so the player developed a large fan base. The fans nicknamed their favorite player “Pudge” for his not tall and quite squat stature. At the same time, Rodriguez was incredibly fast on the field.

Having gained the initial success with Texas Rangers, Ivan Rodrigues continued to play for the other teams, but each time on the field he was better than others.

He was a catcher for the young team Florida Marlins and led them to their first big victory. Ivan performed for Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees and Houston Astros too.

In April, 2012 the talented player retired. During the years of his career he made astonishing $123 million of prize money. Now he leads a careless lifestyle, enjoys his wealth and spends time and money for charity.

Ivan Rodriguez Bio

Ivan Rodriguez biography facts

The future baseball star grew up in Vega Baja (Puerto Rico). His parents, Juan Rodriguez and Eva Torres, belonged to a middle class of the society. The boy’s father worked as a constructor in Puerto Rican affiliate of American company. His mother was a school teacher.

Ivan Rodrigues was different from his peers at a very early age. He was a passionate baseball player, and spent most part of his day with a baseball bat in his hands. At the same time, Ivan from the earliest age tried to be financially independent. He never asked his parents for pocket money, and was ready to earn it himself. Ivan got his first salary for delivering flyers in the supermarkets.

Ivan Rodriguez played baseball since 8

Probably, he chose his future profession at the age of 8. Then Ivan Rodriguez has already become Little League player. His father supported the boy’s interest in sports and coached him. During his studying at Lino Padron Rivera High School, Ivan was scouted by Texas Rangers representative, and signed his first deal.

Ivan Rodriguez and his wife Patry

Ivan Rodrigues is not just a talented baseball player. He is also a father of three kids. He welcomed the kids with his ex-wife Maribel Rivera. They tied a knot in 1991 and divorced in 2006. Now Ivan Rodrigues lives with his current wife Patry Rodriguez in a big mansion.

Ivan Rodriguez House

Ivan Rodriguez house

Ivan Rodriguez spends most part of his time in Bloomfield Hills house in Michigan. Not long ago the talented catcher put the house on sale. He asks $1, 9 million for the luxurious home.

The mansion occupies 3, 657 sq.ft of living space. The ranch-style house is built in white stone. It looks very warm and comfortable, although the house can hardly be called “stunning” or “luxurious”.

The home consists of 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Of course, Michigan mansion is not the only property of a rich baseball player. He is rumored to have 8 more houses in different US states and Puerto Rico.

Ivan Rodriguez Car

Ivan Rodriguez car

Each man is a car lover, but a rich man can turn that passion to cars into reality. Ivan Rodriguez has a wide car collection at home. He used to own fast 1994 Dodge Viper and many other brand vehicles. 

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