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Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump Net Worth is $150 Million



$150 million


$150 million



$123 million

Ivanka Trump net worth

Nickname: Ivanka Marie Trump

Date of birth: the 30th of October, 1981

Profession: model, designer, business lady

Nationality: United States of America

Source of wealth: modeling, fashion, business


Ivanka Trump Net Worth by Year (with her husband’s money)

Estimated by Moneynation


$855, 000


$1, 9 million


$7 million


$21 million


$90 million


$115 million


$143 million


$202 million


$269 million


$304 million


Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of the current U. S. President, is an interesting smart woman. Her net worth is not so big as her father’s, but still she is a well-heeled beautiful lady, a wife of a rich business mogul Jared Kushner and a mother of three children. Her father called her “the last hope”, when he took part in the run before elections, but she kept silent and told nothing about her father’s presidential ambitions in public.

Ivanka Trump’s net worth is estimated as $150 million, if count just her own money, and as $304 million, if combine with her husband’s money. Many people say that Ivanka managed to become very rich after her marriage with the real estate scion Kushner, but the others believe, that she is networthy and successful herself.

Ivanka Trump was born in a family of well-known Donald Trump and Ivana Trump, the socialite. The girl started to save her net worth in her teens, when she got an opportunity to become a model. She appeared on covers of several popular fashion magazines, but then left her career in show business and focused her efforts on work in her father’s company.

Now Ivanka earns her living as the Trump Organization vice president and the owner of her own fashion brand, the Ivanka Trump Collection. By the way, her earnings in 2015 increased by $29 million (estimated by Forbes).

Later Ivanka made money as a TV personality, when she was busy as a judge at her father’s show “The Apprentice”.

As you see, Ivanka Trump balances between her family duties and career ambitions and she succeeds!

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